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Dark Blue Wallpaper

By malkowitch
Clean Dark Blue Wallpaper as requested from community.
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© 2013 - 2021 malkowitch
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i like your background , i want to use it for open source and free project " open vision" , for dvb receivers using the linux operating system

i will add logo and slogan

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Would it be alright if I use this as a background for a wallpaper I'm doing on a private site? 
Also the in the upper right conner will be given credit for background image.

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You can use it.
LughingPuppy's avatar
Thank you very much
Kettici's avatar
Using! I love it so much. Giggle 
malkowitch's avatar
I'm glad you like it. I prefer the gray version.
OpheliasCorpse's avatar
Very beautiful background. I would like to use it for a business card if that's alright. It's a friend job so no money for me. Only the website for which I might use it too will cost her a few bugs. 
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You can use it for business card if you like.
MrGibbs's avatar
Is this free to use? Just wanted to include it as a BG on a website I'm working on?
malkowitch's avatar
You can use it on a website as long as you don't get paid for that work (personal website). If you want to use it in template you sell, or a work for your client I can give you permission for as much as 1$ :D
Outbound's avatar
When are you doing a Ubuntu version?

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Not sure if I will have time but I will try.
ARES297's avatar
Thanks a lot.
Cacheto's avatar
awesome job! really like it
malkowitch's avatar
Tx, one of users requested clean only. Few variants I have in gallery you can also enjoy.
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