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[Prompt #27] Expressions of Affection

 "Expressions of Affection" 
#27 Draw or write about your elnin or kittom conveying their affection to their loved ones.

What language of love does your elnin pursue? Do they snuggle up to a loved one? Are they serenading a partner or crush they have? Perhaps their expressions of love are not of a romantic nature, comprised of gifting chocolates to a close family member instead? Or do their actions leave onlookers wondering where they learned that strange dance with the paw flailing and tail shaking? (What is it suppose to mean?)

Astraea lay down that night and dreamed. Her mind drifted to the pretty kittom she had spent the day with. She had seen Aisling in passing before but this was the first time she had been in close quarters with the fashionable nin. To say Astraea was smitten was an understatement. Astra drempt of taking her to Silveil and showing her the glowing flora of the area. She drifted in and out of deep sleep, dreaming of dancing in the starry night expanse, leading her in a dance of love and adoration.

AP: Silveil
Elnin AP is for: Astraea
Other Elnin: Aisling

Elnin are a closed species by: :iconberry-bazaar:

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EC Reward: Drawn Entry
Prompt Completion: 6EC
Including Background Bonus: 2EC
Bank Adjustments: 48 Arrow Right by ArbuzoweArchiwum 56

Region Affinity Reward:
For Elnin: ELN1404 You have earned 1 AP for Region: Silveil
Please be sure to keep track of this for your records!
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This turned out so gorgeous 💜