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[Prompt #26] Returning Light

 "Returning Light" 
#26 Draw or write about your elnin or kittom with their pomu lantern, or working to craft one either for themselves or helping a friend who may have their pomu already!

"The annual quirky happenings of pomus are back again this time of year in Eyre. At the beginning of every year all pomus enter a hibernation state, where their bodies transform into a chunk of anima crystal that casts a shimmering and warm light as they float along behind their elnin host. Anima crystals match the pomu's host elnin's anima. As per tradition elnin are busy crafting lanterns designed to hold these floating pomu-crystals that can be seen trailing after them throughout their day."

Here is Astra and Ameh enjoying a bit of fresh air in Enmir before they bundle up back inside. Astraea decided to make a bright flower much like her own markings while Ametrine read about Jack-o-lanterns and decided to make his look like a pumpkin. They ran out of vines which he was using for a trail so decided to pop outside to harvest some more and finish off their lanterns. 

AP: Enmir
Elnin AP is for: Astraea
Other Elnin: Ametrine

Elnin are a closed species by: :iconberry-bazaar:

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EC Reward: Drawn Entry
Prompt Completion: 6EC
Including a second elnin (or other CS) Bonus: 2EC
Bank Adjustments: 40  Arrow Right by ArbuzoweArchiwum 48

Region Affinity Reward:
For Elnin: ELN1404 You have earned 1 AP for Region: Enmir
Please be sure to keep track of this for your records!
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this is so amazing