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It took me WAY too long to finish the BEAST but its done! I'm never doing one this big ever again ;7;

Only a few more left!

Lifes coming at me hard so I decided to expand the grid a smidge ;7; gomen
I never wanted to do another grid BUT I've gotten into a bit of a kerfuffle with my bank and I need to fix that
(pending transactions are a bitch and will send you into the negatives) ;7;

SO 15$ Per cub, and other 15$ for an adult reference as well!


ALSO Sorry if I end up double selling a slot, theres a lot to go through for messages, (regardless you will get a unique adoptable)

1. :iconniklnip: anthro
2. :iconjenjenartz: Adult only male
3. :iconxmiss-murder: +adult
4. :iconvlrgo:
5. :iconlemon--bear: +Adult male
6. :iconseryva: + adult
7. :iconcountdrikula: +Adult male (runty)

1. :iconseryva:/:iconnamacub95:
2. :iconseryva: + adult
3. :icongraxces: +adult female
4. :iconblumalou:
5. :iconseryva: + adult
6. :icongraxces:
7. :iconcountdrikula: +Adult

1. :iconviolaceusdevil: +adult
2. :iconcountdrikula: +adult / :iconseryva: + adulr
3. :icongraxces: +adult female X
4. :iconyugiryou: -adult only
5. :iconkubo:
6. :icongraxces: cub only/male
7. :icongraxces:+adult male

1. :icongruesomechaos: +Adult
2. :iconbeejamas: +adult
3. :iconcountdrikula: +adult
4. :icongruesomechaos: +Adult
5. :iconviolaceusdevil:
6. :iconcountdrikula: +Adult
7. :iconcountdrikula: +Adult

1. :iconnala15:
2. :iconblumalou: -adult only
3. :iconxmiss-murder:
4. :iconamiciart:
5. :iconamiciart:
6. :iconheadlesspine:
7. :iconlvminosity: +Adult

1. :iconitachilover1of10:
2. :iconitachilover1of10:
3. :iconvysevee: +Adult/male
4. :iconthe-little-ragdoll: Male + Adult
5. :icongraxces:
6. :icongruesomechaos: + adult
7. :iconpikapika2405: +Adult w/prop male

1. :iconcountdrikula: +Adult Male
2. :iconseryva: + adult
3. :iconitachilover1of10:
4. :icongruesomechaos: + adult
5. :iconcountdrikula: +Adult
6. :iconitachilover1of10:

I keep biggering and biggering
how bad can that be OTL
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TobyandMavisforever's avatar

Why is there a "nope" in Vitani's last square?

MalisTLK's avatar

Because thats her son

TobyandMavisforever's avatar

Oh! Okay, that makes sense.

LexAnimates's avatar

Holy Holy that's a lot of cats

headlessPINE's avatar

are you still working on these?

i just haven't received a PM or update.

MalisTLK's avatar

Yep I am! I'll post the updated one now since I haven't in a while

headlessPINE's avatar

thank-you for updating!

lilghostie2's avatar

Love all of them especially Zira 7, shani 6, and panya 6. Ive also taken quite a liking to the rani cubs.:D cant wait to see more

Also what are the yellow dots for?

GruesomeChaos's avatar
The expressions on Zira 7 and Vitani 3 are hilarious XD

I also adore the mohawks that Panya 2, Panya 5, and Zira 2 have goin on, they'd look real cool as adults
Beejamas's avatar
it's so FUNNN seeing this slowly get filled in haha
Vitlium's avatar
I didn't even buy one and I love watching this get filled XD 
lilghostie2's avatar
GruesomeChaos's avatar
Well that's a lotta notes XD 😁😁

So if you don't mind me asking, what does it mean when a square has the word "count" in them?
MalisTLK's avatar
Count is for the user countdrikula and the ones with chaos are yours. I put them there because you two are the ones who usually message me for the other details on your characters ^^
GruesomeChaos's avatar
Well, I gotta let you know that you messed up. Nyara 1 & 4 are mine, not Count's. XD

Also, shouldn't there also be a Count in Shani #2? Since they share the square?
MalisTLK's avatar
OH my bad I believed I fixed it now!
CountDrikula's avatar
I let Seryva have Shani #2, so I haven't purchased that slot : )

I'm interested in purchasing but I know MalisTLK has a bit on her plate atm xD
GruesomeChaos's avatar
Ahhhh okay. I was just going off what's in the desc. for that one 😁
Wild-Fyre's avatar
Shoot I missed 'em. Oh well. XD If anyone backs out of Sarafina #7 let me know :P
MalisTLK's avatar
she's bought and paid for so I don't think they will, sorry ;7;
CountDrikula's avatar
Lolol is Nyara #6 the last one? 
I'm so tempted x3
MalisTLK's avatar
i think so ;7;
CountDrikula's avatar
May I purchase that slot? :3
MalisTLK's avatar
Sure! just send the funds to

Would like them to be a boy or a girl?
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