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my entry for the ori and the blind forest contest
so in love with this game <3

edit: updated to a bigger version : )
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When I first saw this in the game, I thought that the artists had really out done themselves in the end credits. Strange how fan art has such an amazing quality to it sometimes that it almost outdoes the real art for it.

So, I just finished this game today! Just wanted to let you know that your art uh, really effected me. I love it so much and it made the ending of the Definitive Edition super sweet. In case you wanted to see here's my live reaction:

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Just finished the game and found your artwork at the end of the credit roll, congrats man

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I love this game
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I saw this pic in the game!
Gratz m8!
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congrats on winning man!
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Oh! So you're the one who submitted this at the end credits! Nice job <3
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Simply stunning! Thanks for capturing the essence of Ori so well <3 You really did the game justice! :)
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Thank you so much, Aeralie! I feel really honored to hear that from such a great artist like you are! You did such a fantastic job <3
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Oh wow! You're the one who made the art? It's so weird that I found you! I thought it was the game's art at first until I heard it was fan art. It looks so genuine to the game's art I tell you this much. Regardless, it fits so well for the end of the game. Congratulations on winning. :)
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thank you so much :)
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Seeing this after the credits was just a cherry on top. Made me "awwww".
Gratulation for winning played it and found your Pic in the credits. Good Job
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hehe, great! thank you!
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Congrats on winning the contest!  Was a lovely image to see at the end of the credits. :) 
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A beautiful conclusion for a wonderful game!
Congrats for winning and thanks for this gift to all the fans of Ori and the Blind Forest.
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thank you very much :)
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Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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*_____* thank you!
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