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Animal ABC's: Meerkats

The meerkat or suricate (Suricata suricatta) is a small carnivoran belonging to the mongoose family (Herpestidae). It is the only member of the genus Suricata. Meerkats live in all parts of the Kalahari Desert in Botswana, in much of the Namib Desert in Namibia and southwestern Angola, and in South Africa. A group of meerkats is called a "mob", "gang" or "clan". A meerkat clan often contains about 20 meerkats, but some super-families have 50 or more members. In captivity, meerkats have an average life span of 12–14 years, and about half this in the wild.
"Meerkat" is a loanword from Afrikaans (pronounced [ˈmɪərkat]). The name has a Dutch origin, but by misidentification. In Dutch, meerkat means the guenon, a monkey of the genus Cercopithecus. The word meerkat is Dutch for "lake cat", but although the suricata is a feliform, it is not of the cat family;[6] the word possibly started as a Dutch adaptation of a derivative of Sanskrit marka
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I'm Alive And Kicking Butt
:wave: Hi Everybody!!! It's me, Kitty!! Sassy-Cat-Sooo-Catty 
I have missed you all so very much!! I'm back and I plan to login as often as possible. I am resuming at the place where I've left off and will now get my "Oracle Within" and "Endangered Species" contests finalized. I cannot wait to get back to the group activities at NaturesMystery and my weekly journals for dAWishingWell. Please allow me some reasonable time. My notification area has a traffic jam. I'm going to start with contest entry notes. Then on to the group notes for the contest there. (Both contests are closed now, by the way. All entries for both contests will be allowed provided they were entered by the ending contest dates) After that, I will work on the submissions at NaturesMystery that have not expired. I will then move on to my group and private notes that are unrelated to the contests. Once that has all been completed, I will answer all comments in my notifications. If you are a member of @NaturesMy
:iconsassy-cat-sooo-catty:Sassy-Cat-Sooo-Catty 2 9
Lions' Song
The treasure from the Arabian Nights,
We’ll always be together,
King of the jungle, king of the forest,
King of something more,
No one knows how long for,
That’s how long we’ll be together for.
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Tuesday Treats: My favorite animal
Thursday Greets | Wishper Friendly Bulletin | The Well's Treasure Chest | Call for May birthdays | dAWishingWell Month Hopper

My B on a string My favorite animal snuddlecat 


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Concerning Hobbits by BrightsWanderings Concerning Hobbits :iconbrightswanderings:BrightsWanderings 11 1 Reginald and Maria by EldarZakirov Reginald and Maria :iconeldarzakirov:EldarZakirov 400 21
Anniversaries 7:46 PM, 5/19/2019
On this day in 1935, retired Royal Air Force mechanic, author, archaeologist and war hero Thomas Edward Lawrence dies after succumbing to injuries sustained as a result of swerving his motorcycle to avoid two children and crashing, while going on a ride through the Dorset countryside.
Thomas Edward Lawrence was born in Tremadoc, Wales in 1888. In 1896 his family moved to Oxford, and he took up study of architecture and archaeology during which time he went on a trip to Ottoman Turkish lands in Syria and Palestine in 1909. He won a fellowship to join a dig taking place at an ancient Hittite settlement on the Euphrates River, learning the Arabic language and getting the lay of the land in his spare time. In 1914 he explored the Sinai near the boundaries between Arabia and British Egypt, occupied by the Ottoman and British Empires respectively, and the maps he made of the region would soon prove invaluable after the outbreak of hostilities between Great Britain and the Ottoman Empire in O
:iconmetalbeowulf89:MetalBeowulf89 1 2
Song of the Moment 5:49 AM, 5/20/2019
:iconmetalbeowulf89:MetalBeowulf89 1 0
Chess Set by dazinbane Chess Set :icondazinbane:dazinbane 5 0 Nefertari's Barge Alternative Angle by dazinbane
Mature content
Nefertari's Barge Alternative Angle :icondazinbane:dazinbane 29 8
Nubian Gate by dazinbane Nubian Gate :icondazinbane:dazinbane 8 4 Nefertari Barge Zoom Out by dazinbane
Mature content
Nefertari Barge Zoom Out :icondazinbane:dazinbane 26 5
Challenge #48 Winter is Here
I, Cindi, of House Deviantart, first of my name, writer of words and taker of pretty pictures am pleased to announce that...
Winter is finally Here.
Game of Thrones Fan Art!
I am a BIG fan of Game of Thrones and if you are too, then this challenge is just for you!
We want you to create Game of Thrones fan art- in any medium your dragon-loving brain can imagine.
-leave us a comment in this journal with a link to your creation.
-mention (or link) this challenge in the comments of your deviation.
-your entry can be any medium and must be new- created for this challenge.
-the deadline is May 30th, 2019.
We will pick two deviations to be featured in our 'Best Of' folder.
These will also be featured by :iconprettyflour:
AND 200 points each!
Prizes donations are welcome and appreciated.  :heart:
Any questions? Comment here or note the group.
Thanks so much and I can't wait to see your creations!
:icondeviantsgallery:DeviantsGallery 3 1
Five Days In Florence
"Few cities are so compact in size or so packed with extraordinary art and architecture masterpieces at every turn. The urban fabric of this small city, on the banks of the Arno river in northeastern Tuscany, has hardly changed since the Renaissance and its narrow cobbled streets are a cinematic feast of elegant 15th- and 16th-century palazzi (palaces), medieval candle-lit chapels, fresco-decorated churches, marble basilicas and world-class art museums brimming with paintings and sculptures by Botticcelli, Michelangelo et al. Unsurprisingly, the entire city centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site." - Lonely Planet “You will begin to wonder that human daring ever achieved anything so magnificent.”- John Ruskin, Mornings in Florence 1875 "What I observed as I people-watched while eating a cone of gelato on any normal day in Florence, was the fact that tourists (who may only be visiting the city for a few days) and locals alike all have the same reaction to the city’s gems. It’s as if everyone who lays their eyes on these famous sites around the city can’t help but be in awe and have the same appreciation of what they see whether it’s a visitor seeing something for the first time a local who has lived in Florence all of their life. It’s the beauty of Florence." - Nicolette Carlos, CAPA Florence alumna“Among the four old bridges that span the river, the Ponte Vecchio, that bridge which is covered with the shops of jewelers and goldsmiths, is a most enchanting feature in the scene. The space of one house, in the center, being left open, the view beyond, is shown as in a frame; and that precious glimpse of sky, and water, and rich buildings, shining so quietly among the huddled roofs and gables on the bridge, is exquisite". - Charles Dickens“Under the shadow of a stately Pile, The dome of Florence, pensive and alone, Nor giving heed to aught that passed the while,I stood, and gazed upon a marble stone, The laurelled Dante's favourite seat.” - William Wordsworth, Memorials of a Tour in Italy 1837 "Stand on a bridge over the Arno river several times in a day and the light, mood and view changes every time. Firenze is magnetic, romantic and busy. Its urban fabric has hardly changed since the Renaissance, its narrow streets evoke a thousand tales, and its food and wine are so wonderful the tag 'Fiorentina' has become an international label of quality assurance." - Lonely Planet "Simply walking through the streets of the town transports you back into the past. This is a place that has remained intact, there is a genuineness to the city and its people, just as has been described by so many famous poets and writers." - Anon "It’s not a city in which to waste time, such are its cultural check boxes. But there’s also something to be said for allowing yourself to just ‘be’ in this open-air museum: explore its woodsmoke-scented backstreets and smaller, atmospheric squares. Give yourself the time, for example, to amble around the tight, residential lanes of the Oltrarno district that form around the pretty little Santo Spirito basilica. Stop to peer into tiny artisans’ workshops, where intricate leatherwork, gold leaf and icon painting goes painstakingly on, as it always has." - Anon “The Palazzo Vecchio rises before me, oppressive in its abrupt compact bulk, and I can feel upon me its heavy grey shadow. From the building’s crenellated shoulders soars the bell tower; stretching out its muscular neck into the nightfall. It is so high that I am seized by dizziness as I lift my eyes towards its helmeted head.”- Rainer Maria Rilke, Florentine Diary 1898 "In my mind I see Florence as an old lady; she loves her gardens and squares, she enjoys talking on churches’ stairs, she’s sarcastic and cynical, she has a dry sense of humor, she curses very easily; she has a simple taste and she can’t stand artificiality." (Anon)...
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Cat With A Yarn by LaertanaArt Cat With A Yarn :iconlaertanaart:LaertanaArt 61 14 Niedzica Castle by LaertanaArt Niedzica Castle :iconlaertanaart:LaertanaArt 20 0


Long Poems

Long poems mean more than 3 stanzas - based on topic of your choice, only free verse format.


Special Offers: Dream Interpretation

If you have always wanted to know what your dream might have as meaning, I will tell you. Tell me your dream and I will tell who you are and how you are. Every dream has a significant message and should not be ignored.

Of course, I am obliged to silence. I have worked for some time as online interpreter but requests were growing over my head :)

I will start another trial. You cannot imagine how many people can be helped just by telling them what is bothering them and how to confront these problems.

Please sent me your dreams per note/message. You will get the answer per note/message too. I am always ready to answer question if there will be any.


I am a warrior of the critique CRITmas Ninja force :) Vision: My first impression was that of an unknown galaxy was nebulas and a centra...

I am a warrior of the critique CRITmas Ninja force :) Vision: A wolf dreams of flying towards the sun into the world. Originality: Very ...

by WillTC

I am a warrior of the critique CRITmas Ninja force :) Vision: The photo shows a pastel pink coloured bunch of roses, giving the observer...


"Badge of Gratitude"

was given to me on February 02nd, 2019
by TeaPhotography…

Badge of Gratitude Participants II by TeaPhotography

Thank you so much :heart:


"Featured Heartist Award"

was given to me on September 01st, 2017
by supportHEART

Malintra-Shadowmoon is a strong supportive deviant who is very active in deviantHEART and many other areas on deviantART. From deviations that will warm your heart and make you smile to journals that bring hope and excitement to some amazing features, Malintra-Shadowmoon is a deviant the embodies selfless behavior and encourages others to be happy and positive in the deviantART community! Go give her a little hug and leave her a positive comment too :love:

Suggested by supportHEART

Heartist by Nameda

Thank you so much :heart:


"Angel Without Wings Award"

was given to me on April 06th, 2017
by TheGalleryOfEve…

Angel without Wings Award by Nameda

Thank you so much :heart:


"Honorable Mention"

was given to me on July 22, 2016
by Inspiring-Creation

Honorable Mention- Malintra-Shadowmoon by Emerald-Thrakena

Thank you so much :heart:


"Selfless Award"

was given to me on June 28, 2015
by dAWishingWell…

Weekend FunMonday Muses | Tuesday Treats | Thursday Greets | WishingWell Weekly
Welcome to Weekend Fun!

Group News
The dAWishingWell Mascot Contest is ending soon! We'll take a week to judge the entries.
dAWishingWell is in vacations in July. What does it means?No "Fishing for Wishes", "The Wishing Jar", "Wishing Upon a Star" and "Wish Fondue". We will only list the wishes in The Showcase and list the new wishes in a weekly journal.No "Monday Muses".Weekend Fun will be shorter (we'll feature Group news, Affiliate news and birthdays).Other feature journals will depend on the availability of the admins.We will continue the group makeover shor

Thank you so much :heart:

I am a Foreign Language Admin for DLR

What does that mean?

That means I keep an eye out for the best literature on dA in German and French language (poetry and prose).
If you think you have a suggestion for me, read on!

What is DailyLitRecognition?

DLR is a group dedicated to promoting the work of literature artists on deviantArt.

By showcasing featured DLRs in foreign languages as well as in English the literature gallery moderators provide the community with a showcase of excellence in Literature. In contrast, we will be showcasing excellence with a series of literature pieces each day in a News Article to serve the community. We are a diverse group featuring 5 pieces of quality literature every day.

In such a large community many writers feel that their work goes unnoticed.
Many foreign language authors do not get the recognition they deserve mostly because of language barriers.
The DLR is here to help change that!

How do I suggest a DLR?
Please take this form for a suggestion:

Suggested by: deviant
Featured by: deviant
Title by deviant
Description goes here!

Please only suggest a piece to one Admin at a time to avoid any confusion.

If you have a suggestion for me, please send me a note!

:bulletblue: Please send no more than two suggestions at a time. This makes it easier for me to keep up.

:bulletblue: I can feature poetry or prose in either German or French, though I try to focus more on poetry.

:bulletblue: Please include a thumb and a description of why you think this piece deserves to be featured. It does not have to be a full critique - a few sentences will do nicely!

:bulletblue: Yes, you can suggest yourself! If you deserve it, you deserve it! But please do not send me your entire gallery - remember I have to actually read everything sent to me.

:bulletblue: All the Admins have a certain style they enjoy. I myself like writing spiritual, emotional, philosophical pieces and reading historical works as well as a bit of fantasy, so I'm more likely to feature things with those qualities. However, I will read and consider anything sent to me. I do have to ask though, that they are standalone pieces - not chapters. I cannot accept fanfiction either.

Remember: Each deviant can only be featured once per month!


Please vote for the work that please you most, talk to you (just your gut feeling). Entry with the most votes will be 1st place, then 2nd and then 3rd. / POLL IS CLOSED NOW!!!!l 

17 deviants said [Contest] Blooming  in the Moonlight by pawpaul
9 deviants said Ceiling of the Soul by Lady-Compassion
5 deviants said Bringer Of Light by Mouselemur



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


14 deviations
31 deviations
1st Anniversary EventWe made it for one year we will make it to 100 years.

25th April, 2018 I started this group @rise-of-the-artists to gather fellow artists and share our art together with everyone. I was new to Deviantart so I needed friends and support to grow and also I was interested to know other artists. I got help from @m-art-works and @karinmao to create the group, I created a Discord Server to do the same thing with my buddy @shintaurashura

When we saw people are joining in group, we wanted to communicate with them, so we wanted them to join the discord server so we can chat, we could do that using comments and notes here too, but discord seemed better to me. So we tried to drag people there by adding the FEATURED FOLDER and DISCORD MEMBERS ONLY folder, we thought people will join, people did join but not that much.

We did not make that restriction to keep people forced to join discord, our motto was to get the people in discord and then they can post their weekly best art on the "Featured" and random in "Discord members only" folder. Like every other group we did not want the folder to be filled so early by unnecessary posts. Today we have good amount of people who posts regularly in all folders and we got some donators who gives donations for group.

Due to my workload in life I could not celebrate the 1st year of this Group and my Artist Server in Discord. I want to do it on my birthday on June 30th this year.
We are having a new folder called "1st Anniversary of RISE OF THE ARTSTS" all Group members and Server members are requested to draw/write something and submit on this folder. The folder will be available from 30th June on my birthday You can start drawing now, no limit for art submit for this folder, In the mean while you can comment below to say what you think of this initiative and if you are taking part. You can share what you will be drawing.
*All kind of post welcome except complete NSFW!!

Please Do support this !!

People who have not joined discord server yet, please join.
A healthy communication brings fun to the community.
I am online on discord almost 24x7 since I use it for my personal work life communication too.
It saves my Phone bill.

I would like to thank all the Co-Founders and Contributors who helped me so much to run this group well.
Special thanks to @m-art-works for updating the group info, folders, commission features, events and always trying to improve the group.Special thanks to @a-new-deviantfor taking care of donation and ban section.
Special thanks to
@writer-of-da & @manahasu for taking care of submissions management in my absence.
Special thanks to
@karinmao & @friesformunchies for taking care of invites, join approvals, affiliates etc.

Big thank you to all members to stay with us and co-operating with all moderators.

* Join Rise of The Artists Discord Server today:
39 deviations


Malintra-Shadowmoon has started a donation pool!
10,123 / 1,500
I would like to keep premium membership and spread some points to friends. Sometime I would like to promote giveaways and contests.

When you like my art, I would be glad for support :)

:points:-Prices for llama, watch, fave

1 - 5 :points: = Llama, 2 Faves
6 - 15 :points: = Llama, 5 Faves
16 - 20 :points: = Llama, 7 Faves
21 - 35 :points: = Llama, 10 Faves and Watch
36 - 45 :points: = Llama, 13 Faves and Watch
46 - 50 :points: = Llama, 15 Faves and Watch

Add 2 :points: each Fave for one of my special comments ....

Send me the :points: , remove "For your donation pool" and replace by your wishes "Llama, Watch, specical comment, Fave and how many faves or special comments you want!

:points: - Prices for Feature (page journal here or one of my group journals)

10 :points: = 3 days
40 :points: = 1 month
100 :points: = 3 months
200 :points: = 6 months

Theses are :points: - prices for one deviation. Please add 10 :points: for each additional deviation.

Send me the :points:, remove "For your donation pool" and replace by "Please feature me x months, where (which journal) and link of your deviation/s".

These journals are featured because of the importance of the news and/or to help.

Thank You For My Wonderful dA Experiences!

I have been active here for the past 2 years or so. Enjoying every minute of it! 
I learned so much and made so many wonderful friends here! And this was possible due to the work of the staff members, past and present! 
Thank you very much, to every single one of you, for this opportunity - together you made this possible! I do not really know any of you, but my life was deeply touched by this place, in a very good way! :dalove: 
Present Staff:


Appreciating JournalistsBeing new...
When you first start on DA, there's a large possibility, you've joined our amazing community to share your art and appreciate that of others.
The easiest and without a doubt fastest way to do so, is by using browse. It might take you a while before you discover the groups you can watch and join. It's the perfect way to find yourself exposed to different styles of art, by many different artists.
Once you've started watching deviants and groups, you'll quickly discover a part of DA you might not have found searching by yourself. The awesomeness that are journals and features.
Journaling is sharing
Features bring something special to our community. The deviants who dedicate their time to create and bring you features, are the kind of people who do so because they care. They enjoy not only creating the features, but more so, the act of sharing art they've found lurking in other people's galleries. Exposing those pieces

Suggestion to dA - Collaborative Journals:heart:   Update 2:  :heart:   
danlev has opened a discussion asking everybody about their opinion on how to practically implement collaborative deviations! :la:
:heart: Please give your feedback to him, this is what we were hoping for! :heart:

:iconflyingheartsplz:   UPDATE 1:  :iconflyingheartsplz:   
Heidi announced that there are working to implement several ideas! Collaborative Deviations are on the list!

We have feedback from the staff that this is not as easy to implement as it might look... But they listened to us and they are doing their best! :la:

What we need to do now is to patiently wait and give the dA team our love Love  and support! :clap:

You must be logged in to donate.

Like the newborn children

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 28, 2019, 3:38 AM

Lately, I had a poll vote and some of my watchers would like to see more personal journals from me and not only features.

So let me start with something I would like to share with all of you (this is not a vent journal, maybe a bit of it?):

Newborn children are "empty", free of any influence and touched by neither sunshine nor frost, and "open" to learn everything new what are shown and to be seen around them.

Yes, they learn from their parents, their surroundings, in school, in life, everywhere - and it is not false as everybody wants to get as much knowledge and wisdom they can get.

But there should also be a place for warmth of heart, hope and faith.

Peace by KmyGraphic

So, what is faith?

Lots of people love the elder black and white Western movies with John Wayne, James Coburn and other actors. The plot was always the same: Good against bad, black against white, outlaws against sheriffs.

And there is always one scene in those movies where you can find a wild chase through deserts with the dominant red "needles" which are depicted in a darker gray in those movies.

Mostly there are settlers followed by howling red Indians, a howling red Indian followed by rejoicing cavalrymen, a "hero" followed by bandits/outlaws.

And ... there comes the time when all hope ends: The persecuted arrives at a deep steep gorge or canyon. The others are after him. So what to do?

He is riding to the left, then to the right ... no chance.

Then he decides to ride back a bit and to dare the plunge across the gorge.

And he has nothing left to lose, he can only gain.

When he decides to to nothing, the others will reach him and he will be dead. When he misses the other side of the gorge, he will fall into the depth and will be dead, too.

Faith is the moment where he and his horse is "hanging in the air" in the moment of the jump, that is where the saying comes: "the Leap of faith".

This life's Unique by KmyGraphic

I wish everybody could have that little faith for themselves as there really is nothing left to lose. Just let scepticism, brain and profit go and come back to the roots of intuition and deepness of heart.

Wishing you all a nice Sunday and hope you enjoyed that little thought I had to share in this personal journal :heart:

Follow-your-dreams by KmyGraphic


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