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Common Sense Obituary
Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was, since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape. He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as:
- Knowing when to come in out of the rain;
- Why the early bird gets the worm;
- Life isn't always fair;
- And maybe it was my fault.
Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies (don't spend more than you can earn) and reliable strategies (adults, not children, are in charge).
His health began to deteriorate rapidly when well-intentioned but overbearing regulations were set in place. Reports of a 6-year-old boy charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate; teens suspended from school for using mouthwash after lunch; and a teacher fired for reprimanding an unruly student, only worsened his condition.
Common Sense lost ground when parents attacked teachers for doing the job that they themselve
:iconwondergirl100:wondergirl100 2 0
I feel an odd surge of late.  I really feel alive.  I have not felt as such since I was a child, but it would seem now I am rising steadily out of a heavy gloom, and the air I breathe is light and refreshing and fills my core with a fire I ought not waste.
I have been reading most voraciously these past few weeks.  I knocked out The Silmarillion just over this weekend, and I must again acknowledge the utter genius Tolkien beheld.  And though it may be pompous of me to announce, I do not believe I will be satisfied with my own writing career, until such a time as I am able to call myself his equal.
Iron-Authors is in desperate need of admins.  The others, it would seem, have gone awol, and I will be forced to remove them soon.  This would leave me alone in the deciding of new members and featured pieces, which is a level of unchallenged power I do not wish to have.  Admins in the group really only need to help vote on new member requests and the F
:iconblizzardblitzer:BlizzardBlitzer 1 2
Fallen Angel/Dead Martyr
"What do you say to those who claim that you abrogated your responsibilities by stepping down from your position? Do you agree that by taking up such a post in the first place, you became more responsible than the rest of society?" The reporter smiled as he spoke, teeth showing.
"I would say that I stepped down from my post because it was killing me, a fact known to everyone at the time," she replied, pushing her way past the reporter. She was almost to the hospital's doors.
"But do you regret that you're now the subject of scorn?" the reporter yelled as she walked forward.
She stopped and briefly turned back towards him. "No. I would rather be a fallen angel than a dead martyr."
She pushed open the doors and walked in, leaving him behind.
:iconladybrookecelebwen:LadyBrookeCelebwen 2 2
What is this white stuff falling by Chiakiro What is this white stuff falling :iconchiakiro:Chiakiro 819 87 Command for a Writer's Project 2 by ThomasConvers Command for a Writer's Project 2 :iconthomasconvers:ThomasConvers 27 3 Cat with yellow tulips by 1NFIN1TY Cat with yellow tulips :icon1nfin1ty:1NFIN1TY 68 14 The grey kitty by 1NFIN1TY The grey kitty :icon1nfin1ty:1NFIN1TY 28 2 It's sunny today! by 1NFIN1TY It's sunny today! :icon1nfin1ty:1NFIN1TY 46 5 Cat on the nature by 1NFIN1TY Cat on the nature :icon1nfin1ty:1NFIN1TY 40 3 It's sunny today! (Wallpapers HD teaser) by 1NFIN1TY It's sunny today! (Wallpapers HD teaser) :icon1nfin1ty:1NFIN1TY 18 0 Autumn mood (Wallpapers HD) by 1NFIN1TY Autumn mood (Wallpapers HD) :icon1nfin1ty:1NFIN1TY 119 26 Akita Inu by 1NFIN1TY Akita Inu :icon1nfin1ty:1NFIN1TY 150 46 oh wonder by 1NFIN1TY oh wonder :icon1nfin1ty:1NFIN1TY 185 38 Warmness of the spring forest /commission/ by 1NFIN1TY Warmness of the spring forest /commission/ :icon1nfin1ty:1NFIN1TY 82 16 Maple the cat =^..^= by 1NFIN1TY Maple the cat =^..^= :icon1nfin1ty:1NFIN1TY 65 13 Coco the cat =^..^= by 1NFIN1TY Coco the cat =^..^= :icon1nfin1ty:1NFIN1TY 71 24


Long Poems

Long poems mean more than 3 stanzas - based on topic of your choice, only free verse format.


Special Offers: Dream Interpretation

If you have always wanted to know what your dream might have as meaning, I will tell you. Tell me your dream and I will tell who you are and how you are. Every dream has a significant message and should not be ignored.

Of course, I am obliged to silence. I have worked for some time as online interpreter but requests were growing over my head :)

I will start another trial. You cannot imagine how many people can be helped just by telling them what is bothering them and how to confront these problems.

Please sent me your dreams per note/message. You will get the answer per note/message too. I am always ready to answer question if there will be any.


I am a warrior of the critique CRITmas Ninja force :) Vision: This is a beautiful cut flower still life of old school. Originality: Even...

I am a warrior of the critique CRITmas Ninja force :) Vision: My first impression was that of an unknown galaxy was nebulas and a centra...

I am a warrior of the critique CRITmas Ninja force :) Vision: A wolf dreams of flying towards the sun into the world. Originality: Very ...

by WillTC

I am a warrior of the critique CRITmas Ninja force :) Vision: The photo shows a pastel pink coloured bunch of roses, giving the observer...


"Featured Heartist Award"

was given to me on September 01st, 2017
by supportHEART

Malintra-Shadowmoon is a strong supportive deviant who is very active in deviantHEART and many other areas on deviantART. From deviations that will warm your heart and make you smile to journals that bring hope and excitement to some amazing features, Malintra-Shadowmoon is a deviant the embodies selfless behavior and encourages others to be happy and positive in the deviantART community! Go give her a little hug and leave her a positive comment too :love:

Suggested by supportHEART

Heartist by Nameda

Thank you so much :heart:


"Angel Without Wings Award"

was given to me on April 06th, 2017
by TheGalleryOfEve…

Angel without Wings Award by Nameda

Thank you so much :heart:


"Honorable Mention"

was given to me on July 22, 2016
by Inspiring-Creation

Honorable Mention- Malintra-Shadowmoon by Emerald-Thrakena

Thank you so much :heart:


"Selfless Award"

was given to me on June 28, 2015
by dAWishingWell…

Weekend FunMonday Muses | Tuesday Treats | Thursday Greets | WishingWell Weekly
Welcome to Weekend Fun!

Group News
The dAWishingWell Mascot Contest is ending soon! We'll take a week to judge the entries.
dAWishingWell is in vacations in July. What does it means?No "Fishing for Wishes", "The Wishing Jar", "Wishing Upon a Star" and "Wish Fondue". We will only list the wishes in The Showcase and list the new wishes in a weekly journal.No "Monday Muses".Weekend Fun will be shorter (we'll feature Group news, Affiliate news and birthdays).Other feature journals will depend on the availability of the admins.We will continue the group makeover shor

Thank you so much :heart:

I am a Foreign Language Admin for DLR

What does that mean?

That means I keep an eye out for the best literature on dA in German and French language (poetry and prose).
If you think you have a suggestion for me, read on!

What is DailyLitRecognition?

DLR is a group dedicated to promoting the work of literature artists on deviantArt.

By showcasing featured DLRs in foreign languages as well as in English the literature gallery moderators provide the community with a showcase of excellence in Literature. In contrast, we will be showcasing excellence with a series of literature pieces each day in a News Article to serve the community. We are a diverse group featuring 5 pieces of quality literature every day.

In such a large community many writers feel that their work goes unnoticed.
Many foreign language authors do not get the recognition they deserve mostly because of language barriers.
The DLR is here to help change that!

How do I suggest a DLR?
Please take this form for a suggestion:

Suggested by: deviant
Featured by: deviant
Title by deviant
Description goes here!

Please only suggest a piece to one Admin at a time to avoid any confusion.

If you have a suggestion for me, please send me a note!

:bulletblue: Please send no more than two suggestions at a time. This makes it easier for me to keep up.

:bulletblue: I can feature poetry or prose in either German or French, though I try to focus more on poetry.

:bulletblue: Please include a thumb and a description of why you think this piece deserves to be featured. It does not have to be a full critique - a few sentences will do nicely!

:bulletblue: Yes, you can suggest yourself! If you deserve it, you deserve it! But please do not send me your entire gallery - remember I have to actually read everything sent to me.

:bulletblue: All the Admins have a certain style they enjoy. I myself like writing spiritual, emotional, philosophical pieces and reading historical works as well as a bit of fantasy, so I'm more likely to feature things with those qualities. However, I will read and consider anything sent to me. I do have to ask though, that they are standalone pieces - not chapters. I cannot accept fanfiction either.

Remember: Each deviant can only be featured once per month!


Are you an active watcher and/or why do you watch me (pls. state in the comments as I would like to know) 

20 deviants said Active Watcher
8 deviants said Watcher
8 deviants said Friend
6 deviants said Passer by
1 deviant said None of the above
No deviants said Former Watcher
No deviants said Just want to see the results of the poll ;)



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


  Happy Birthday Lucilla by KmyGraphic                                                                                            Happy-Birthday Judina by KmyGraphic

Midnight Diamond by MoxyChann

Whispers at Sunset by CarmensArts

Black Hole by AsmodeusARTSTUDIO

Different problems, same pain by Gabthenostalgic

Mark by niiishyu

Happy Birthday to the artists and cherish their newest works Heart

Cake FOR Bday by KmyGraphic                                                                                           HappyBDay by KmyGraphic

Birthday Feature for Artists I watch - 16/07/18
This is a new daily feature I have created as a "Thank you" to the beautiful artists I watch.
Hope I can keep it going on a regular basis :) (Smile)
Those featured here, feel embraced and loved by me Hug

DA's Chronicle - June/July 2018

Sun Jul 15, 2018, 4:57 AM

At the middle of each month, we will honour one journalist, that has been suggested by fellow deviants, to be highlighted in DA's Chronicle.

Born out of the idea to give journal features a DD and to award journalists who created their journals themselves with their own ideas, texts, art, this monthly journal will focus on this special kind of artists:

DA's Chronicle

Appreciating Journalists



"Okavanga really has written an interesting and informative photo essay about Scottish Pipe Bands, concerning beautiful photographies, detailed insights and example music patterns.

Thank you so much for sharing this interesting knowledge with us."

skin made by sergbel
DA's Chronicle - June/July 2018
TandemFeatures presents the nineteenth

:iconfeatherplz: DA's Chronicle :iconfeatherplz:

for June/July 2018

Do you have a suggestion for a journalist, please send TandemFeatures a note and describe why you feel this journalist deserves to be highlighted.
657 deviations


Malintra-Shadowmoon has started a donation pool!
9,238 / 1,500
I would like to keep premium membership and spread some points to friends. Sometime I would like to promote giveaways and contests.

When you like my art, I would be glad for support :)

:points:-Prices for llama, watch, fave

1 - 5 :points: = Llama, 2 Faves
6 - 15 :points: = Llama, 5 Faves
16 - 20 :points: = Llama, 7 Faves
21 - 35 :points: = Llama, 10 Faves and Watch
36 - 45 :points: = Llama, 13 Faves and Watch
46 - 50 :points: = Llama, 15 Faves and Watch

Add 2 :points: each Fave for one of my special comments ....

Send me the :points: , remove "For your donation pool" and replace by your wishes "Llama, Watch, specical comment, Fave and how many faves or special comments you want!

:points: - Prices for Feature (page journal here or one of my group journals)

10 :points: = 3 days
40 :points: = 1 month
100 :points: = 3 months
200 :points: = 6 months

Theses are :points: - prices for one deviation. Please add 10 :points: for each additional deviation.

Send me the :points:, remove "For your donation pool" and replace by "Please feature me x months, where (which journal) and link of your deviation/s".

These journals are featured because of the importance of the news and/or to help.

Thank You For My Wonderful dA Experiences!

I have been active here for the past 2 years or so. Enjoying every minute of it! 
I learned so much and made so many wonderful friends here! And this was possible due to the work of the staff members, past and present! 
Thank you very much, to every single one of you, for this opportunity - together you made this possible! I do not really know any of you, but my life was deeply touched by this place, in a very good way! :dalove: 
Present Staff:


Appreciating JournalistsBeing new...
When you first start on DA, there's a large possibility, you've joined our amazing community to share your art and appreciate that of others.
The easiest and without a doubt fastest way to do so, is by using browse. It might take you a while before you discover the groups you can watch and join. It's the perfect way to find yourself exposed to different styles of art, by many different artists.
Once you've started watching deviants and groups, you'll quickly discover a part of DA you might not have found searching by yourself. The awesomeness that are journals and features.
Journaling is sharing
Features bring something special to our community. The deviants who dedicate their time to create and bring you features, are the kind of people who do so because they care. They enjoy not only creating the features, but more so, the act of sharing art they've found lurking in other people's galleries. Exposing those pieces

Suggestion to dA - Collaborative Journals:heart:   Update 2:  :heart:   
danlev has opened a discussion asking everybody about their opinion on how to practically implement collaborative deviations! :la:
:heart: Please give your feedback to him, this is what we were hoping for! :heart:

:iconflyingheartsplz:   UPDATE 1:  :iconflyingheartsplz:   
Heidi announced that there are working to implement several ideas! Collaborative Deviations are on the list!

We have feedback from the staff that this is not as easy to implement as it might look... But they listened to us and they are doing their best! :la:

What we need to do now is to patiently wait and give the dA team our love Love  and support! :clap:

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  Happy Birthday Lucilla by KmyGraphic                                                                                            Happy-Birthday Judina by KmyGraphic

Midnight Diamond by MoxyChann

Whispers at Sunset by CarmensArts

Black Hole by AsmodeusARTSTUDIO

Different problems, same pain by Gabthenostalgic

Mark by niiishyu

Happy Birthday to the artists and cherish their newest works Heart

Cake FOR Bday by KmyGraphic                                                                                           HappyBDay by KmyGraphic


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