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Former Times by Malintra-Shadowmoon, literature

Do not Expect Anything by Malintra-Shadowmoon, literature

My Solo Travel to a Marrocan Riad by Malintra-Shadowmoon, literature

The Dragon and the Rabbit on the Moon by Malintra-Shadowmoon, literature

Leap of Faith: The Bond of Peace by Malintra-Shadowmoon, literature

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June (oc lore) chapter 1 by Tea-and-mocha, literature

Golden Glow by ReallyRosa, literature

BOOK TWO: Of Snakes and Savages, Chapter 7 by Ddraigtanto, literature

Someone once asked if I'd ever been in love by SilverInkblot, literature

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Art Feature: Royal to the Core by Queen-Kitty, journal

Fanart Friday: Avatar: The Last Airbender by AlexanderPaupoff, journal

Which of these three is the sexiest to you? NO answer is wrong or right? New View from @FroXsiOR Activities from @Sonson-Sensei what assertion have you seen that contrasts the character? The following is a lady of the evening telletubby. The first five comments will get a quartz badge? from @khayossegirl inspires me to ask, what are your favorite fruit animals? First five to comment a fruit animal will get a quartz badge Community Congratulate a fellow member from @team from @team honoring @era7 Character Inspiration Meme- if you have one, place in the comments please😊 From @RatchetJak from @Prominaj not six but close enough Book Cover from @Rivenis for a Diskordia comic edition from @Ry-Spirit for Darren Hupke's videogame 50 states- what art do you have representing a state in the USA from @FlapperFoxy Creatures of the wasteland from @TaliaRebellious from @harleysq National Poetry Writing Month From

Fanart Friday - Taylor Swift: Through the Eras by Queen-Kitty, journal

Submit and manage your art from the new Studio! by team, journal

Welcome, TheFulkrum! by moonbeam13, journal

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King Llama: Llamas are awesome! (4824)
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Llama Farm

Before presenting you my three favourite picks from all Daily Deviations in the month of April 2024, I would like to thank @Kat-Zaphire and @KizukiTamura for their wonderful community idea of the Daily Deviation Glory Challenge: I was tagged by my lovely collegue @LukasFractalizator Now let's go on with two digital works and one artisan craft: Digital Art (Procreate) @Wolf-Treader with "Ulfhednar", featured by @phoenixleo This work is really mesmerizing. It is inspired by Northern mythology, thus makes the connection with wolves. I really like the good / bad or white / black despiction of the wolves. They come out really good in their manner. The black wolves seems to be wild with red glowing eyes and open red mouth whereas the white one has a lovely look, is a bit timid, elegant and graceful. The snow as well as the Viking garments of the character matches the entire scenery. I was astonished seeing an angel there. That was what really catches my eye, someone looking
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If you should have missed any literature DDs in the month of April, here is the complete list for the whole month. Enjoy the beautiful writings and maybe you discover some new writers on DA. To suggest a literature DD, you can address to our CVs. You will find their guidelines below: Malintra-Shadowmoon's DD Suggestion Guidelines Malintra-Shadowmoon 's Features: Quotes: 01/04 (Way WAY Too Many Apple Pies by @BZ-Fresh), featured by @Malintra-Shadowmoon 02/04 (The Bureau of Multiverse Affairs Chapter 1 by @Party9999999), featured by @Malintra-Shadowmoon 03/04 (letter to my love by @SkyLizzy), suggested by @LindArtz, featured by @Malintra-Shadowmoon: "Such a beautiful poem! !" - @LindArtz 04/04 (Fire and Ice by @WhiteRoseWhispers), featured by @Malintra-Shadowmoon 05/04 (I Am The Rose by @Withabrokenwing), featured by @Malintra-Shadowmoon 06/04 (Hell Hath no Fury by @MetalBeowulf89), featrued by @Malintra-Shadowmoon 07/04 (Tale of Lara Chapter 8 ACT 1 by
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I am glad to present my daily deviation Round-Up for April 2024 which showcases all the deviations I featured in this time. Actually, this Round-Up covers the areas I DD from Traditional Art and Artisan Crafts as well as AI (in this feature five AI pieces). For Literature there is a seperate Literature DD Round-Up in CRLiterature, but I feel that written work did not gain enough attention, so I will put my literature DDs again at the end of this Round-Up. If you like any of the works, so please give these talented artists some love. Suggestions and self-suggestions are always welcome. At the end of the journal you will find my DD Suggestion Guidelines on how to send me your art suggestions. Thanks to the following suggesters: Please send me your DD-Suggestions (Self-Suggestions are absolutely encouraged!):
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Many thanks for the award! Have a nice one!

You are very welcome. .)

thank you very much for the fav

You are very welcome. :)

Thank you so much for the award 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 I feel blessed beyond words

You are very welcome. :)

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