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OHHH YASSS We reached the 800 watchers!!! amazing guys!!!!

I don't have enough words to thank you all for this :''''3! i am so happy and glad you guys like my art :'''3! it's really nice!

So for this event, i am going again with drawing characters uwu!

Your oc's ! please comment down bellow so i can start drawing uwu!

I will accept some, and will start drawing when i finish some stuff.

EDIT: i forgot to say that these are gonna be chibis xD! i love doing chibis :'''3 so small and cute.

Comment a ref of your oc, a pose you would like of them doing, and i guess that's it?

You can also add some info if you'll like.

  1. ZuzuSky21 - Supernova

2.- Obsedian-Flame - Dr Acardio

3.- KittyPaintYT - Namy

4.- MysteriousDB - Ponysona

5.- kingOthecats - SilverStruck






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Congratulation dear! <3

Youl will deserves more!

Thank you for your opportunity o(^▽^)o

Maybe if you like, would you like to draw my OC Alice? (>人<)


You can change her clothes/hairstyle or draw her with her Pokemons/couple partner if you like(^ν^)

Btw I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas! <3

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Congrats on 800 watchers! :DD

My brain is strongly compelled to throw this girl in so how about Spectral Echo?

Spectral Echo [OC Ref]

I don’t have a pose idea in particular :PP

Probably something more neutral, or since one of her talents is singing you might be able to do something with that :P

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congrats on getting 800 watchers 🎉 I would love to see you draw my girl paradox

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I'm surprised you don't have more watchers. I'm not even trying to butter you up, I mean it. You've got great drawing skills, and you don't have 100k watchers? Your gallery is a hidden gem.

That being said, draw SilverStruck ig

SilverStruck the deer

You're usually good with characters like these right? You can make her feral too, it doesn't matter to me. I didn't really want to give you another generic pony character. If you're more comfortable with that tho, you can draw her instead. Here's her ref.

Lightning-bug lantern

Or you can just not draw my character, because Imma be honest I might not even remember typing this. My memory is out of wack right now. Please don't draw the both of them, I can always just commission you later. And for the love of god do not overwork yourself either. That's not healthy. I'm just giving you options here.

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Congratulations on achieving 800 watchers! Your art is gorgeous and you deserve 800 watchers! If you could draw my character, it would be a huge honor. She's my ponysona and ideal self. Sadly I don't have an official ref sheet for her but I hope it being clear will make up for that.

1000 Years Later, About Time Lady
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Thank you so much for participate uwu! she looks so cute! :'''3 it will be a pleasure to draw her uwu!

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Here's a single file of my Ponysona:

Lioness 2020 Look
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You are very welcome and thank you :heart:!

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Eeee congrats on the big 800!!! So close to 1,000 :-D

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Thank youuu so much uwu!!! and yeah! i hope i can reach the 1,000 watchers :'''3!

Also, Thank you so much for being in here :'3!

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Oh I congratulate you on this great achievement, and I hope you reach many more, your art I love!

and if you can draw her it would be a pleasure, she is calm and introverted, she could have a pose of emotion in the style of pinkie pie

MLP [ Next Gen ] Namy - Ponysona
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Thank you so much uwu! and of course uwu! it will be a pleasure to draw her! she looks so cute uwu!

Thank you so much for participating uwu!

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you're welcome <33

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Since you had Obsidian on the other one, perhaps you could feature Athanatos or Dr Acardio this time? It's really up to you if you want to include him. As for a pose, chose whichever is easy or whichever you want.

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Thank you soo much uwu! i'll go with Dr Acardio uwu! it's gonna be fun to draw him again!

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I look forward to it! 😃

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aahhhh congrats hun !!! <3333 omg im so so happy for u ! uwu <3

also, hopefully it wont be too much to ask if u could draw "Supernova" for me pls? <33333


Supernova Ref

also, congrats again hun !! im so proud of u ! 🥰💕

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Ohhh it's gonna be a pleasure to draw Supernova uwu! she has so cute colors uwu!

Also thank you so much again :'''3!

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aww shucks thank u !! <333

also, ofc !! uwu <3

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I know what you said last months. But I was wondering that can I asked you for my Christmas gift?. If you have the time.

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