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Yami Yugi Wig Tutorial

By Malindachan
Hope this is helpful! This tutorial also works great with Yugi wigs and other crazy styles like DBZ characters too! Yugi's just got different bangs, and with Dragon Ball wigs you can use the same process for the spikes, but then make the hairline out of extra wefts (See this tutorial here for hairlines: [link] ).

This is the wig base I used: [link]
It's pretty awesome since the wefts in the back are sewn upwards, and it's super thick.

And here's where you can get wefts: [link]

Go here for more wig styling tutorials I've done: [link]

YU-GI-OH! is (c) Kazuki Takahashi
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Are these long or short wefts? 
xX-Animelover98-Xx's avatar
Best yami wig tutorial ever!!! I will be doing pharaoh atem in the future and i really needed this!!!
That is impressive.
nirefuster's avatar
I'm planning on doing a Yugi cosplay, I might follow this tutorial, looks pretty neat! 

If I do so, I'll make sure to give you credits!! Thank you beforehand! 
Mjrmessick's avatar
Lucky, i wish i still had my duel disk.....
SliferKing's avatar
Hi. How much would it cost if I commissioned you to make a (regular not Yami) Yugi wig for me in the style of your original Yami Yugi wig? In other words, without the spikes coming out of the back.
Fenris-Star's avatar
Wow thats really amazing!!!
GrdoftheMoon's avatar
I plan on cosplaying Yami Yugi here soon and I saw this tutorial. Got to say its the best I've seen and I hope you don't mind me using it to help me out when the time comes to work on the wig :3
TimelyTheAlchemist's avatar
I can't wait to use this^ ^ Btw where do you get the duel disk?
Ada-Erika's avatar
Is this possible with this kind of a hair style shape… (dorito on the front xD)
Neteater's avatar
This is perfect, thank you.
Rivaiye's avatar
woha...that's the best Yami Yugi Wig i've ever seen! :faint:
yugifan115's avatar
so friggin cool!
May I ask how to stick the wig on the cardboard cone so tidily and straightly?
I would like to cos Yugi but I stick the wig messily.
sammycullen123's avatar
I HAVE to know!  Can I commission you to make me a wig like this?  Please respond back!!! :D
dejaipatrelli's avatar
I have to say I have seen alot of ppl making yugi wigs.....but yours is far best looking one I have ever seen!
DarkWolfAshleyPurdy's avatar
what measurements would you give for the cones??
Monstewr's avatar
Best yugi wig/cosplay ever!!
MaryAnime's avatar
OMG, your wig is absolutely awesome! :iconilavplz:
Hawkeye9906's avatar
I love your wig!!! It's so pretty!!!!!!!!!!! excited Hayato Kimata (Oh my god really) [V1] 
DivineNightShade's avatar
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