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Yami Cosplay: finished

By Malindachan
Or at least, "finished for now" >.<
Here's a good shot of the whole thing! The jacket's kinda long, but that's because I haven't made it all gravity-defying yet (which I might do before A-kon.....I haven't decided yet) :3

Wish the scenery wasn't so.....dead.....but we'll be taking some more shots in the summer when my Seto is there :3

Photo credits go to :iconjenjenplum:
cosplay by me
crappy adjustments to photo by me
Yami is (c) Kazuki Takahashi
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Jul 27, 2007, 10:33:21 PM
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can I borrow the cosplay, it's so cool and beautiful

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You make the best Yu-Gi-Oh! cosplays!! *u*
YamiYugiAtem1's avatar
how did you make the millennium puzzle?????
Umbreon-art's avatar
DO you know where to find a good tutorial for the gravity defying jacket?
Thank u! :D
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Awsome cosplay Malindachan
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I think at some point you should do a Seto Kaiba cosplay. It would look AWESOME!
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yugioh. bigest fan. love the out fit
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i very much miss your yami cosplays >_>
LetsPlayThePockyGame's avatar
I miss watching Yu-Gi-Oh LOL
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Awsome Costume of Yami Yugi
SuperSerperior's avatar
this is the best yami yugi i have EVER seen victory is yours
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wow. it's... perfect :O
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this is a decent yugi nice cosplay :)
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This is AMAZING.
LOL 666 favs xD
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How do you make the jacket all gravity-defying?
And, the thing on the belt (where he keeps his cards, aye?), did you get a belt with that on it (if so, where??), or did you have to do that yourself?
And the biggest question... the wig. ._.
It's pretty rare to see this wig decently done, so when I see a good one, I need to ask how you did it. What exactly went into getting the wig to work out?
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I made the belt myself :3

The wig took me about a week to style. I added black extensions into the back of a mid-length black wig and styled the shape of it first with hairspray. The red pieces were sprayed and glued in with fabric glue, and I sprayed the heck out of the yellow pieces and crimped it with a flat iron to get the angles before gluing it in
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How did you do the belt? Along with the deck box?
I really want to make one for myself, but I've got nooo idea where to start, or how to go about doing it...
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The belt is made out of vinyl with a big parachute clip that's covered in a piece of vinyl with velcro. I got the studs and hammered them in myself

for the deck box, it's just a black deck box that I bought, but I made a holster for it out of black vinyl that is sewn to the belt.
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Why is Yamis millennium puzzle fitted perfectly in his thies? Ohyes
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oooww i like your nose xDDD
nicee cosplay yugi looks so cute :D i mean.. yami... xD
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WOW!!!!this is the best yami cosplay Ive ever seen!where did u get the wig?i need one! :D
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