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Wig Hairline Tutorial

By Malindachan
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As promised, here is the process I used to make the hairline for :iconex-shadow: 's Zack Fair wig :3

Though I've done lots of cheating with wefts/excess fibers and glue before, I'd like to thank :iconxhee-heex: for inspiring the idea to do this with hairlines. She made a quicky tutorial a long time ago, but she took it down before I was able to use it as reference. I don't remember if hers was the exact same process, but please check out her gallery and her amazing wigs! :3

First photo in the set was taken by :iconapertureashley:
Last photo of the set was taken by :iconalp-photography:

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I'm so glad that this exists because it's going to help me in doing Larxene from Kingdom Hearts
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Your wig tutorials are super easy to follow. Ironically, I was in the process of making a Zack wig for my little sister.
AceVictorNikiforov's avatar
AAA Thank you so much!! I'm going to see if I can try this with my Eros!Yuuri wig, but I may need to find extensions...
DawnbreakerDystopia's avatar
Thank you so much for this!! :D I'll try this when I go to style my Doctor Strange wig.
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how long are the pieces you're adding? Are they short or long? I am just worried about blending into the rest of the wig
D0CT0Rchrome's avatar
But, how did you style the wig first o_o ??
D0CT0Rchrome's avatar
I am preparing for a Raiden Cosplay from Metal gear rising. If you can, I would like to have a tutorial for his wig. thanks :P
grandpatoenail's avatar
yes! This is perfect help for my Loki cosplay! Thanks a lot, man!
Na-NaCos's avatar
OMG that tutorial totally rocks! I searched for exact that method :)
Enayru's avatar

I just want to tank you 4 the tutorial!!!! I follow your steps for my wig, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

here is my wig finished! enayru.deviantart.com/art/Nany…

;3 thanks again!!!!
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This is a really great tutorial, thank you very much! I just have one single question: Do you use lace front tape when putting it on, or does it fit properly?
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hey! I just want to thank you... this tutorial help me so much for a hairlined wig I need to make... It was sooooo helpful... <3

Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks!!!!!! <3
MalteseLizzieMcGee's avatar
Thanks for this tutorial! It will be so usefulfr my costumes
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Can you style the hair after you've glued it on? I'd like to use this method on a curly wig. I'd have to curl the fibers AFTER they'd been glued on so that the new fibers can be a part of the old ones in a single curl. Thank you so much - this really is a great tutorial!!
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This was amazingly useful when cosplaying characters with all slicked back hair, thank you!
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My praise for you will be unending.  You are wonderful and I love you forever.  You have just solved so many problems and I would like to extend my most appreciative and heartfelt thanks.  
red-winged-angel's avatar
This is so helpful! Thank you!
Suzan-Mc-Lee's avatar
Thank you sooo much^^

I made a Gajeel Redfox, form Fairy tail, wig with it and it turned out great :D
skeletonboxers's avatar
wow i like this tutoiral its gonna really help me make an ishimaru (dangan ronpa) cosplay :u
Pawtastic's avatar
Wow Thanks! This will be to a lot of help UuU
invisiblepandaSATOME's avatar
Thanks!! I'm sure this will be a huge help!
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aaaaa thank you so much for making this tutorial! It's gonna help me so much with my next cosplay!
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