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Wig Dye Tutorial



It's been a while since I've uploaded a wig tutorial here! Part of my job at Arda is making handy tutorials for our customers, but since they're videos I usually just keep them to our Youtube channel. If you don't already keep up with the Arda-Wigs youtube, check them out here:

This tutorial is specifically for Arda-wigs, which have heat-resistant fibers (so they can survive being boiled). Do not attempt this on wigs that are not heat-resistant!

This is the dye reference page that was mentioned in the tutorial:…

The Arda dye forum:…
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I really wanted to try this!
Though Idye Poly is not that easily available in my country so I had to order it online.
I used a white wig that was kinda left over (I used it to get wefts for another white wig, but I didn't need that many so a lot of the wig remained intact) and filled it with some wefts I had made from an other wig (I'm trying out a lot of tutorials right now XD)

The dyeing worked really well. I used Idye Poly crimson and now I got a lovely kinda berry-colored wig. I really like it :3

What is kinda funny is that the weft I made from the other wig didn't really seem to take the dye. They were pure white as well but instead of getting deeply colored they only turned light pink. The effect is really nice but I kinda stresses the fact that was mentioned in the tutorial above: Different wigs dye differently so many test swatches before is really a good idea!
(Even though I like the effect now sometimes you don't want that kind of surprise)

And you also really need to do a lot of washing to get the excess dye out. I seem to haven't washed mine enough at first and stained my hair straightener (could be cleaned again so no biggie) and wig head. So I had to wash it again ^^'

Anyway, This Tutorial is great, I could easily follow it and I'm very happy with the result :D