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Tutorial: How to modify patterns for Cosplay

By Malindachan
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There are so many different things you can do with pre-existing patterns to get what you want in a costume. This tutorial just lists a few examples, but hopefully it's something that can get you started if you've never tried this before! :) Some experience with patterns might be required to understand this to the fullest.

Also, please excuse my typos. XD I made this late at night haha.

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So, would I have to do the same thing for something such as a Leather Jacket for instance? I'm planning a cosplay of Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes soon and I was just curious what I would need to do if the coat is already the right color and everything, and all that's missing are just the key details. (Kinda going off of the coat from the second game)
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Thanks for making this tutorial :D (Big Grin) 
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This was really helpful, thank you so much! I'm making a Ryo Marufuji school coat, and having a little trouble with the neckband, but this cleared things up for me! Thanks again! :)
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Thank you so much for making this! I didn't know how I was going to manage to get/make a jacket, but this should help!
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Hello! I'm making an Attack on Titan cosplay myself and was wondering if you could help me clear up a few things about the coat. I'm cosplaying Armin (or Hanji), and using the survey corps for the patches. The point is though: how do I make the patches and the symbols to go on the arms? I've been looking at iron-ons but I don't think they will work seeing as the jacket I altered (I' can't fully sew a jacket to save my life) is made from a suede material. Any help?
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Some people sell them online through ebay and whatnot. You don't have to iron them on though; you can still sew them on. Iron-ons can be made using heat-n-bond, but I suppose it depends on the kind of suede you have (I've ironed over a faux home decor suede material just fine before).  If you want to make them yourself there are a couple different methods. Having an embroidery machine can make some really good looking patches, but you have to know how to make the vector and get the machine to do what you want. you can also get printable fabric (often found with printable iron-on transfers) to print the design on. You could also fabric-paint it or do applique, though that can be especially hard for the smaller patches. I personally made a vector and sent it to a company that makes patches, and I ordered a large quantity of them for a group of people. For the back patch I did an applique though because they are more costly to make.
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Thank you thank you thank you so much!! This is a HUGE help!
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I love your tutorials! they are so useful!
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Hoaaa Thank you~ *A*
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Haha, I've done the same thing~ I think this might be handy though, more people should attempt to make this stuff themselves ^^
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It's possible if you can show how does the jacket look inside out ? It would be very helpful (at least to me) :)
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thank you!

I was always muddling my way through alterations and second guessing myself. I would always think it over and be like "Don't forget to add the seam allowance"! but then I'd second guess myself about "Did I forget a measurement? did I cut wrong? do the pieces fit?" I'm glad to see it all written out by a pro so I won't have to doubt myself anymore.
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Awesome, thank you!
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I've never sewed before in my life, but I'm planning to work hard on a homemade SnK cosplay - complete with 3dmg - so that I can wear it at Otakon next year. It's seeming really unrealistic right now (obviously) but tutorials like this are hugely helpful! I actually did buy a pattern already at JoAnn's - someone working there helped me figure out a good one to buy - so modifying that has sort of been my plan.

So thank you so much! (And, well, if I have any outrageous difficulties, could I maybe ask for help? ^^; )
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This could be very useful, can't wait to see your Eren cosplay.
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What is the patterns numbers you used for this tutorial.
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Perfect! Just started getting into sewing and needed more tutorials to help mod patterns! Thank you!!
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ill keep this for future reference!

because right now i can't even sew a simple t-shirt together :XD:
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This is super useful! I hope you make more in the future! Just wonderful and very easy to understand!
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It would have been better if you gave a rough pattern :)
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The point of the tutorial was to provide info on how to modify store-bought patterns in general rather than just how to make an AoT jacket. People are also different shapes and sizes, so a rough pattern might only help a small range of people.
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I also have difficulty with measurements for the sleeve (the width and the curve part for attachment) I am trying to sew from scrtch with no pattern :C
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