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The Geek Squad

I can't help but love Bruno's character, even though he kinda stole the spotlight from most of the supporting cast and became Yusei's new best friend during season 3 (lol, it's like Deja vu to GX fans). I had fun being Bruno at San Japan with my brand new Tech Genus set! Hyper Librarian is boss. Also got to hang out with my southern Yusei twinny~ ^.^

:iconmalindachan: as Bruno Borrelli
:iconangiiaikukki: as Yusei Fudo

Photo taken by :iconboikem:
San Japan YGO photo set on Flickr: [link]
Slight editing by myself. I just photoshopped out a random person in the background that was a bit distracting XD

Yugioh 5D's is (c) Kazuki Takahashi
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First off: Awesome cosplay. No matter the form, most epic character in the series.
Second off: I can see five synchros, which of the synchro monsters is missing? Recipro Dragonfly?
judaiforever1123's avatar
LOL Who ya gonna call?THE GEEK SQUAD!!!
RickyDutton's avatar
Yay for Bruno/Visor. X3 T ech Genus Archetype is awesome. ^.^
ManaDarkMagicianGirl's avatar
AHAH XD and yeah Bruno is the 5Ds Johan Xp
excelladon's avatar
No way, Double the trouble.
CcapacApu's avatar
is there a way to don't love bruno?
Busterblader02's avatar
if it's got a mechanical problrm, they'll fix it XD...who you gonna call?
HikariHellion's avatar
Well, they are a pair of engineers, so quite fitting.

Now that you've got a Bruno cosplay, now you've got to do Visor/Dark Glass! Pretty please?
AngiiAiKukki's avatar
Lol! We're the Geek Squad now huh? XD Crow's Blackbird Delivery Service got nothing on us!
nikkaplzferreal2's avatar
Shugi-tanPocky's avatar
LOL I love the name of this photo! =D
Inufan078's avatar
Lol it is like GX all over... I didn't think of that... love the title for this one ^^ And THOSE RAILINGS XD. Showing off those cards like the YGO bro's do best ^^
General-Krad's avatar
It is funny on Bruno taking over the supporting est friend role (even sadder when you realize where said friendship leads to)
nekokawai's avatar
XeroNecross's avatar
Haha I love your Yusei outfit! It's the best I've ever seen!
Malindachan's avatar
lol, I'm the Bruno in this photo actually, the Yusei is my friend Angii XDD
THough, I do have lots of photos of my own Yusei cosplay in my gallery :3
XeroNecross's avatar
Ooo I didn't notice I was just glancing it over, but either way her's looks good too! I was wondering why your face looked different as this Yusei this time O.o
M0n0chr0meHue's avatar
You should be called Team Super Mechanics!
Jace-Burner's avatar
HA OMG, you and angii are like the same height...never knew
AzzyFox's avatar
You can trust this Geek Squad. ;3
And remember, Malindachan, it was intended for Bruno and Yusei to become friends. That was part of Yliaster's plan. =P
Yukithecosplayer's avatar
AWESOME its so kool and awesome Yusei and Bruno cosplay
SoraxLxLightxFangirl's avatar
this looks great~~~~!!! 8D great job as usual!!!
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