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(will proababy be scrapped later)

lol, the things my roomie and I do when procrastinating on homework XD

Edit: wow, this is old.
so yeah, we all know it's Yusei's dad XD
I totally want to cosplay him
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yusei's dad has no yellow highlights just watch ep 57 and no glasses anway aside from tht awesome cosplay
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This, my friend, is win . . . wrapped in more win. I wish Yusei's dad DID wear glasses though . . .
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do you plan to cosplay as his father for future cons? i think his dad's hair more wild then yusei's xD
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I would like to XD
Just don't know when I'd get to it
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I think it's his mother, Yusei is a feminine looking boy. XD
And this, my good cosplayer, has gone to epic proportions.
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his dad worked on mOOOOOOmentum investigations, so it will logically be his father, but i think that clothes really suit you.
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yep it's Yusei's dad!!!!
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lmao, i could imagine seein that in the show
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I think his dad originally worked in Neo domino as a scientist, so it must be him since Yusei grew up in Satelite
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> w < You make an awesome Yusei poppa. And yea...i do agree that u need a labcoat.
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You look awsome! yeah, when i saw that clip in the opening i didnt know who it was till they mentioned yusei having a dad that was a scientist or somethin so i agree with your theory
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yeah, I heard that the theory was practically confirmed recently.
I need to catch up on the episodes >____<
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maybe is the yusei father because in the most recently episode say the yusei parent die in the accident of the city xD! jajajajaja
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maybe the MOOOOOMENNUM guy made him do it :XD: ... and the other guy kidna looks like Jack from if you REALLY squint :XD:
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I just got this feeling that's he's Yusei's dad when i first saw the new opening. And it's been nawing at me since!
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Hey did you still want a lab coat?
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lolz, I'll probably end up making one once I get a better idea what the one in the show looks like
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Oh ok!

Hey what is the name of that character in Yugioh 5D's, the guy with the glasses that is obsessed with
Momentum anyway?
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That would be Akutsu XD
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Ahh, thank you! Someone was asking me that earlier today at school, but I forgot...

He is funny, but I am cosplaying as my main man! Yanagi! Him and Mr. Mouto are my favorite old people!! :D

I was going to do Rua, but Sorceresscassandra and Naoka-san are doing both twins and they would do a better job at them then I would!

So who is Ex-Shadow doing from 5D's
My money is on Jack!
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lol, you'll just have to wait and see~ :3 (I know who he's going to be~...mwahahaha...)
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