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Someday my prince will come?

Taking the Disney Princess joke to an entirely new level....XD

Characters are (c) Kazuki Takahashi
But the outfits are designed by yours truely! XD (with inspiration from the GX uniforms)
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Sailor-Touko667's avatar
I love how you've drawn chibi!Prince!Johan!
Kuro-Hikari-Jutsu's avatar
...i'd love to see tons of different chibis in a line (from the same anime) as a bookmark it'd loo so cute ^^
neoswiseman28's avatar
wow I first looked at this a thought, hmmm this must be malinda and Ex-shadow b/c you know but after a few comments I'm starting to think that this is something else but I still could be correct......but if I'm correct I would say that this is cute but otherwise it's kinda weird for me cause I am a judai fan(no homo) :|
SilverWolf551's avatar
He really is a Disney Princess! :dummy:
blademasterbeta's avatar
jaden really is a disney princess!
GoldenSnowfire's avatar
i don't like spiritshipping BUT THIS IS JUST TOO CUTE!
Nochelunaamor's avatar
this so cute <33:heart:
LightRakohammas's avatar
I want one of this :((
angichan's avatar
LOL! great when coupled with the vide >_<
yugiohcosplayer's avatar
wasnt that just a little side joke from sausuke and jadens daytrip??? THE NINJA MOBILE!!!! lol
Gyakyo's avatar
AznAnimeChick's avatar
*le GASP* (jaw drops... get ready for it..)

milkya92's avatar
KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Kawaii *w* ::DEAD:: JOHAN and JUDAI to the extreme XDDDDDD! Love it so ***** much XD!
DMGirl12's avatar
yamisora8's avatar
that's so cute i love it! =)
DivineKyuubi's avatar
Love this bookmark!!^^
rosedragongirl's avatar
I actually want to try and make that dress. ^^;
rosedragongirl's avatar
GuardianSpirit's avatar
That's so cute! ;o;
Now if only they'd have those characters dressed up like that at Disneyland. xD
Malindachan's avatar
hee hee, I'd totally cosplay at disneyland if I wasn't worried about my wig falling off at rides XD
GuardianSpirit's avatar
Hahahahaha true. xDDD
Darling-Poe's avatar
Warm and fuzzy feeling alert! >w<
Axl16's avatar
very nice,they look cute together :D
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