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San Japan: Yoko Littner

The last and only time I wore Yoko at a convention was Animefest 2009, and it was only for a few hours XD

But when some friends of ours decided to get their TTGL cosplays done for San Japan, we had the motivation to bring out Yoko and Kamina again. Though, I had to saw 2 inches off part of my rifle in order to fit it into our biggest suitcase; there was no way I was going to wear Yoko unless I had the gun (we joke that the prop IS the costume XD. I spent more time making that than the rest of the cosplay), and there was no way airport security would allow such a thing as a carry-on.

I have too many favorite photos from the shoot we did with Mike, so expect a lot of Gurren spam over the next few days.

Cosplay made and worn by :iconmalindachan:
For info about the costume construction, read the infobox here:
Besides the small adjustment to the gun, I recently converted the ponytail on my wig into a clip-on so it'd be easier to transport and take care of :3

Photo by :iconboikem: [link]

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is (c) Gainax
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Super sexy love to see you in batgirl suot
valkyrjacosplay's avatar
I was wondering, how do you keep your wig so perfect? Do you brush it like each seconds? Cauz my long wigs gets messy extremely fast...
Thefringedninja's avatar
Just watching this anime ;) AWESOME!
Chucky26's avatar
RawrItshAce's avatar
Yoko Littner perfectly fits you!! :D
Irezloe217's avatar
You make an AMAZING and wonderful Yoko. I could fall in love. Holy crap.
Redropp's avatar
HAY I didn't realize it was you, Malinda! You probably don't remember me but I'm one of Karla's friends we met at Anime St.Luis 2010!! I was dressed as Orihime Inoe from Bleach!!
Redropp's avatar
Yoko rocks!! awesome job!!!!
ManaDarkMagicianGirl's avatar
The Prop IS the costume XD! ehehe nice
Choyonghi's avatar
ImaginativeAuthor's avatar
pretty! i was at san japan this year for my first time and absolutely love cosplaying
Bayleef-'s avatar
I really love your Yoko costume~ :D Along with Aqua and Carly; would love to see you doing more girl cosplays along with your usual ones~
Great as always! :D
elfgirllithirnial's avatar
lol Yoko and her gun are like Temari and her fan. They're inseparable.
HikariHellion's avatar
This makes me wonder how you stay in shape, cuz you pull that off.

The Gurren spam is fine with me. I love looking at your cosplays!
Malindachan's avatar
I just have fast metabolism. Athletically I'm not very fit at all XDDD
NarutoDude96's avatar
:iconkamhappyshadesplz: "Damn, you got a mighty fine body!"
Stripped-Phantom-6's avatar
I saw a group of people dressed from this anime at the one convention I went to and always wondered what anime it was. Now that I know maybe I'll get into it! But hey it's still an uber cute cosplay no matter what the character type is.
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:jawdrop: I didnt know you did TTGL!!!
Malindachan youve gone beyond my expectations, Again!
Rock ON!!!:headbang:
and Yami Marik will see you at A-Fest ;)
HikariSukuru's avatar
oh haaayyyyyy pretty lady~ ;D
AngiiAiKukki's avatar
I still say that I still want my family photo to include the scantily clad girl with the gun and the blue tattoo'd shirtless man. :'D If you even remember what I'm talking about...

Definitely like the lighting on this shot though XD
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This really good, how long did it take you to make the rifle?
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