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Princess Bridal Party

Photo by :iconsaraaamarie:

Our wedding was a Disney/fairy tale theme. I let my bridesmaids and the other young ladies in the ceremony dress up as a Disney princess/heroine of their choice, or wear something inspired from the same subject.

We chose to not wear wigs since we still wanted to look like ourselves, and there are some details that we didn't have time for or forgot XD. Please keep an open mind and don't point out the obvious; this was for a wedding, not a cosplay contest.

Back row, left to right:

- My sister and bridesmaid Meghan as Aurora. I made the dress for her.

- My best friend and matron of honor Sabrina as Megara. She made her own dress.

- Myself (the bride) as Rapunzel. I made my dress and veil.

- One of my best friends, college roommate, and bridesmaid :iconsorceresscassandra: as Ariel. She made her own dress.

- Another of my closest friends and bridesmaids :iconscribbleyugi: as Mulan. She made her own dress.

Front row, left to right:

- My little sister and candle-lighter Holly as Belle. I made her dress for her. (we got matching gloves online, but forgot them in the parlor! XD)

- My new sister-in-law and candle-lighter Jessie. The original plan was that she wanted to be Jasmine (we were going to try making Jasmine's purple dress), but she found a really pretty purple gown for a great price at a bridal show. Since we were crunching on time and I thought it complimented well with the other candle-lighter's dress (Belle), we just went with it XD

I also made dresses for my two baby sisters, though they aren't in this picture (they were Cinderella and Tinkerbell :3)

I made matching jewelry for everyone (necklaces, earrings, and bracelets), and I wouldn't have gotten all of the dresses for my sisters done without the help of my friend :iconkmrsworld734: (who surprised me by making her own dress and attended as Tiana!)

Aurora, Megara, Rapunzel, Ariel, Mulan, and Belle are (c) Disney

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Here are so much pretty brides in their wedding dress. 
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Only movie with all the Princess get together is Shrek...  so need to have Fiona and Shrek.  :)

Congrad and they all looks great.
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Superb idea for a wedding theme and well executed too. 
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I actually saw photos of your wedding on a different site(… and fell in love! The fact that you made those dresses is just WOW! Do you have an Etsy or anything where you make/sell items such as these? That Belle dress is especially amazing! 
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I love your dress. It seems like you took a lot of time and patience to make it. XD I envy you but at the same time I am completely flattered! I wish you and Kyle the best of luck with everything you do!


XD I was thinking of writing a fanfic about Jesse and my oc having a rapunzel fairyfale wedding and a fanart of my oc in Rapunzel's dress. :D

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I love your dress Malinda, It's so beautiful. XD
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awesome. You should see my renaissance wedding photos. They are not on DA though. :D 
Ugh I need to lose 30 lbs and start cosplaying again!
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this looks wonderful either way, im happy they pitched in by making their own :)
Pretty nice. :) I think this is how I'd do My wedding.
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I just love the Disney themed wedding! It's a really fun and sweet idea, and having the bridesmaids be different princesses is a fantastic touch! : )
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I love jessie's belle gown! I would love to wear that.
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I love your Rapunzel dress, how did you made it. What pattern did you use, i will make the same dress in pink.
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Aww!~ Your wedding is so beautiful!~ Congratulations!~
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Congratulations and I love the idea. Oh I think you and your friends and sisters did a fabulous job on the dresses. Even better than some of the Disney dresses I have scene at there two parks.
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Awww, I love this!! Congratulations! :)
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I love the whole thing. Absolutely amazing that you guys made just about all the dresses. A very unique and beautiful wedding. Congratulations!
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You all look so beautiful. This is such a cute idea.
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I have a friend who is getting married soon... she should take notes from your reception rofl >< lol
Your wedding gown had beautiful golden accents. I know what I want on my gown if I ever am lucky enough to get married!
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That is awesome! What a nice idea. Everyone looks so good in this photo
Love the dresses!
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