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Phoenix Wright Wig Tutorial



Hey all! Uploading this by popular request, though a lot of it is the same processes I've used in other tutorials. So check these out too!
Yusei Fudo Wig tutorial v2 by Malindachan  Yami Yugi Wig Tutorial by Malindachan  Wig Hairline Tutorial by Malindachan 

And this is the video tutorial for hairlines:…

If you have any questions please email me (my Arda email address is at the bottom of the tutorial). I don't get on DA very often, so if you ask in a comment here I might not see it for a long time. 

Some Tutorial FAQs:

"Can you do a tutorial for ___(insert character wig I've already styled before)___?"
-It depends on if I took progress photos while I did it. Sometimes I don't because I'm either in a rush or already made a tutorial that used the same techniques. I recommend checking my tutorial folder here or the tutorial tab on the Arda Wigs page for a large variety of tutorials that should hopefully provide some inspiration! Even if a tutorial is for a specific character, the techniques used can be applied to other characters as well.…

"Can you do a tutorial for __(insert character wig I haven't styled before)__?"
-I don't do specific character requests, though if there's a type of technique that you haven't seen a tutorial for, feel free to suggest it on my work's Tutorial Suggestion forum:…\

Wig and tutorial by me, and modeled by :iconex-shadow:
Wig base from
First image was taken by George Duong at Katsucon 2014

Phoenix Wright is (c) Capcom
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