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Making of the Cloud Wig

By Malindachan
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I took some photo documentation of my Cloud wig while I was working on it, and I figured I'd share to show the process to those who were curious. It's not really a super detailed tutorial, but I added a bunch of information to fill in what I didn't capture with my camera.

Wig styled by me, using 2 Magnum (color 81) wig bases from

Cloud Strife & Final Fantasy VII are (c) Squaresoft/Squeenix
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Which fabric glue did you use?
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What black magic do you possess because this wig is actually perfection
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That is un-fucking real.
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Very helpful tutorial!  Thank you so much for posting this!
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THIS. THIS IS WONDERFUL. Im gonna go look for this hairspray, and I have some glue I could use! Thank you so much!
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Thanks for the tutorial! :D
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Amazing tutorial. I'm a little confused on one part. How did you hide the scalp cap?
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I always wondered how cosplayers achieved those perfect spikes and now I know- I had no idea they used glue! This is a fantastic tutorial, thanks!
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This is the coolest wig tutorial I've ever seen!
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Tat was so awesome!!
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......... this wig. 
This wig is perfect. 
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About hair sprays, could you do an AXE hair spray?
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Hey I have a question, I'm doing Natsu from Fairy Tail. I was curious which got2b hairspray did you use? Since there are quite a few different types. I'm so sorry to bug you otherwise xD
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could you possibly make a tutorial on how to deconstruct a wig like you did here? And one pn how to sew in those wefts?
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I was wondering and want your opinion. If i tried this out with my own hair, and used hair glue to cosplay sasuke, it will work? ( sorry for the bad english)
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your tutorials have really helped.
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you should be given an award for your awesomeness
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I might follow this tutorial
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wow! it looks like a cartoon!
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Excellent tutorial, but you can not make one of madara uchiha, please help
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