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Katsucon 2013: Skyward Sword Link

Thank you Joseph for doing a shoot of my Link at Kastucon! You guys should check out his work; it's all amazing! <3 [link]

Every part of this costume (outfit, chain mail, wig, props) was made myself, the only exception being the ears (which were from Aradani Studios).

I've been thinking about remaking the shield since it was a bit rushed (I had only one week to make my props before Afest last year), but I like it enough that I probably won't worry about it and just take my time when I eventually get around to making TP Link. XD

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is (c) Nintendo

Other photos from this shoot:

Costume construction notes are in the info box here:
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Aislinntheanimelover's avatar
This is unbelievable! I wanna do this for Haloween.
varzam's avatar
You look like a figure, Great job!
posud1's avatar
holy shit that is amazing 
HannahsDefense's avatar
Um, I love you? *helps you carry your sword and shield

So your Link is absolutely amazing!! You're super talented for creating all the pieces, I'm very intrigued by the wig. Awesome job ^^
TheAntsaBoy94's avatar
Why does your face looks like it`s made of plastic or something?

Other than that, fantastic cosplay!
IeatHippos's avatar
AW MA GAWD This is so beautiful O.O
Sheriru-Pilot's avatar
So gorgeous, Link *nosebleed*
haru5319's avatar
Everything you do blows me away!!!!
You make the most amazing Skyward Sword Link!! :clap:
babbless's avatar
woah, could you do a tutorial how to do the sword and shield? really cool cosplay!
XeroNecross's avatar
You look so sad D:
Sushi-Ice-Cream's avatar
Wow..... that is freakishly accurate.
I applaud you.
moviefan6896's avatar
So ummm you've got to be one of THE best Link cosplayers out there. Jussayin ;)
Can I steal... everything???? hahahha jk jk jk
anyways, you've got some awesome talent to make that !!!!!!!!!!! :D
PrussiaTheAwsum's avatar
Oh my gosh! I saw you at Katsucon! I was going to go say hi, but then my friends dragged me away!!! I just wish I could have met you!
Artistic-Pixie's avatar
Oh my gosh! Why are you so perfect?!
DeathChallenge's avatar
This is amazing! :DDD
favorite cosplay ever seen o-o
favorite cosplay ever seen o-o
Mage-Madisaur's avatar
This Link is flawless.
xXToothTheHedgehogXx's avatar
this is awesome bro, good job!!
Smileysheep's avatar
Linkling's avatar
How did you
Oh god how did you even
Jesus Christ I'm scared by how spot on this is.
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