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Kaito Tenjo Wig

By Malindachan
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I'll hopefully get some photos of the full costume at Acen next weekend, but for now here is a preview of sorts :3

Much thanks to :iconprettykitty: for creating a tutorial for resizing Jeannie/Malinda wigs. I was stuck for a long time because the ideas I had in my head were overly complicated and not guaranteed to work. XD
Direct link to her tutorial:

More wig tutorials that I have done:

Yugioh Zexal is (c) Kazuki Takahashi
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Hi, can you please explain how to pin up wig to my head after? I don't want that the whole cone will fall during performance xd and I couldn't find it in instruction.
:) thank you for your tutorial, it was very helpful ^^
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Please tell me you can commission this'll! Can you email me at for detail so!
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Thanks for posting this with lots of pics of the progress! Very helpful with a different cosplay I'm working on!
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awesomeness !!!!!
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Do you have any tips for a Rio Kamishiro cosplay?
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Where do you get stiff felt?
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JoAnn's or Hobby Lobby.
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When I see Yu-Gi-Oh hairstyles, I think, "Why the hell do they do such crazy unrealistic hairstyles like this?!"  It's so that awesome people like you can make some utterly bad-ass wigs! This is super awesome!
I'll be trying a similar approach with my Pearl wig from Steven Universe. I hope I can make it as good as this. Thanks for the tutorial!
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do you think doing somthig like this would also work for a vector/rei wig?
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You could either add additional spike shapes to your main spike or construct separate smaller spikes like in my Yami Yugi tutorial. :)
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This looks like it would work GREAT for a Tetra wig. Thanks for sharing!
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you can do this for commission?
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You are extremely talented O . O
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The Bulking up the Wig Head is so brilliant... god why didn't I think of that... bah! Regardless, this wig is fantastic!
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That is probably one of the coolest wigs I've ever seen! Frickin' awesome! XD
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Thank you for putting this tutorial out! This will work well for the wig I want to do. :heart:
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I used some of the things you did in this tutorial whiles I was making my Chris Arclight wig. Your tutorials are great. And they're really easy to follow. Thanks for this!
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This is perfect for making a Flame Princess wig, omg I love you.
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Okay. THAT. Is cool.
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