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Gene and Melfina: Hand in Hand

I was going through A-kon photos again and realized I haven't posted very many Outlaw Star photos yet.

Since our schedules were so full, the only time we had free to wear these cosplays was Friday evening. Fortunately, we got shots from three different photographer friends of ours. However, we didn't have as much daylight to work with, so things were probably more rushed than they could have been.

I think this shot is my favorite from the whole weekend. When we were doing photos with the earlier photographers, I didn't get to have any GenexMelfina couple shots with my boyfriend...I guess I should have spoken up and requested it, but either I wasn't really thinking about it at the time or I didn't want to impose since we already were rushing to get some shots of the whole group before the sun went down.
:iconkuma--san: was such an awesome guy to do photos with. Even though he missed getting shots of the whole group, he still really wanted to get some photos of just the two of us. And this photo turned out beautiful despite the time of day :3

:iconex-shadow: as Gene Starwind
:iconmalindachan: as Melfina

Photo by :iconkuma--san:
Taken at A-kon 2009

Outlaw Star is (c) Takehiko Ito
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*Dies of adorableness*
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Love this picture! You guys look so nice together! That looks like a fun place to walk through, too!
Kage2k4's avatar
Magnificent! I always enjoy these Outlaw Star cosplays. :)
A-young-soul's avatar
aww Lovely cosplay~too cute
Thats an awesome Outlaw Star couple cosplay pic of Gene Starwind & Melfina. So cute makes my heart flutter.
Kage2k4's avatar
missyellowlove's avatar
how cute ^-^~
awesome job !
WhiteKnightZer0's avatar
Awww that looks so cute! Just like the show. I'm glad I'm seeing an Outlaw Star cosplay. My nostalgic cosplay dreams have come true :D
SailorUsagiChan's avatar
Awwww wicked cute :3 I love Outlaw Star <3
GothicWaters's avatar
Awh- This is so adorable.
One of my friends wants to do Gene and wants me to go as Melfina-

Your costumes are amazing- would you mind if I asked if you made them or bought them? If you made them- would you mind giving me some pointers? xD
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The stuff under the poncho was mostly from my closet or bought, but I made the poncho itself. I just took a poncho pattern and modified the front opening. the light blue piece on the shoulders was drafted without any patterns, and I made my big "buttons" out of craft foam
GothicWaters's avatar
Ah! Alright. C: I figured that's what I would do- was just modify a poncho-pattern. Her actual clothes I could find anywhere- What kind of fabric did you end up using?

And Gene's coat? Was that made or bought? It looks amazing too. O:
Malindachan's avatar
I used a knit on the outside, but it's generally a hard fabric to work with since it stretches (I mainly just had it on hand because I got it for cheap). I also had to custom dye the fabric because the original blue wasn't what I wanted (I used a little bit of a purple dye to get it darker).

The inside lining is just a thin pink cotton.

For Gene's coat, I think he used a tan Duck cloth, and it was custom dyed as well (added a combination of tan, yellow, and possibly olive dye, but I can't remember which ones he used exactly and how much of each).
GothicWaters's avatar
Ah! Thank you so much. C: I didn't ever think about dying fabric. xD

But thank you so much, again. Excellent cosplays. C: I hope ours will come out looking good. xP
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wow... i... i really do love you guys... this shot just confirmed it!! I'm so sad i didn't come across your group earlier!!!
Surfer-Angel's avatar
I think this a cute picture.
Chylde-Orchid's avatar
This is a great cosplay, I'd love to see more photos of it, if you or Ex-shadow or the photographer have any, or even if you could take another set in those costumes... I've been toying with the idea of doing an Outlaw Star group for a while, and would like to get a better look at your costumes for inspiration.
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I saw you two at A-kon, actually, and you looked amazing! Outlaw Star is my favorite anime ever, but working info desk at cons means we don't get to take photos.
I adore your cosplaying!
IceBitten's avatar
this is so sweet I love it T^T
tursiops33's avatar
Very nice picture indeed!
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:woohoo: Yay! glad this is getting good feedback lol and ya Malinda do what you want with it if you wanna shop it some. Makes me happy that people enjoy it :dance: much love!
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