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Flower Gleam and Glow

By Malindachan
My wedding bouquet :3

My step-mom and aunt picked out a bouquet of calla lilies for me. When shopping for stem flowers for my bridesmaids, I found the perfect lily that looked just like the golden flower from Tangled. I thought it would be a great touch to go with my Rapunzel wedding dress, so I added it in. It ended up becoming our official wedding flower <3

I made my own dress and veil.

Photo by :iconsaraaamarie:

Tangled is (c) Disney

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I'd get married just to have this wedding and bouquet!
GulsumYusei's avatar
Very beautiful lilies. But more importantly, you 're a very beautiful bride :)
Yamiegyption's avatar
Aw... I think Lilies mean " I dare you to love me" too. (that may have been just in the movie I saw) They're beautiful :)
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Shunhades's avatar
Very pretty, oh and we can see a pattern on the fabric, very lovely.
QuantumInnovator's avatar
That's a really nice bouquet.
pockyfairy's avatar
Such a great idea! Love it~
KittyUlquiorra's avatar
Pretty Lilies~
I'm not Weird, just an Epic Skittle~
sammy-vj-chan's avatar
It does look like the Sun Flower! You are lucky Malinda. So is Kyle.
ninjapink's avatar
I love the way this shot was framed, but really all the costumes/attire from your wedding are amazing! It really seems like a dream wedding!
Shugi-tanPocky's avatar
The flower is so beautiful!
Azralorne's avatar
I have no words for how much this and your wedding attire made me squeal like a little school girl. It's so adorable :) And the bouquet you made is so perfect. I saw it before reading the description and instantly was wowed by how much you made the bouquet look like the flower blooming in the movie. I think I teared up a bit <3 You guys look beautiful.
BalletGala's avatar
Thats so pretty!!
musasgal's avatar
The lilly DOES remind me of the flower from the movie
Yori901's avatar
I was crossing my fingers that you two would end up together. You both look so happy. Congratulations! And thank you for sharing these lovely photos with us. You're absolutely beautiful.
Marimokun's avatar
wow, that's just awesome.... :D
tea-and-hunni's avatar
Aww how lovely!~ ^^
TokiKurp's avatar
They're beautiful :] You made a beautiful bride :3
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