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Fai Staff - WIP

By Malindachan
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WooOOoo~ Close-up shots! *now you get to know how crappy it looks!*

Well, I admit that I like how it turned out for the most part, and It did serve it's purpose for the photoshoot....but it still needs some work.

I don't know how soon I'll get to "finishing" the staff, so I went ahead and started on this. I'll probably add more to it later....

Thank you :iconex-shadow: for helping me speed this process along! I wouldn't have gotten it done in time for the snow photoshoot without you! ^.^

Fai and the staff design are property of CLAMP
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Don't know if you're still on dA anymore, but wow- it looks really nice!
I actually had a similar problem with my staff - the head was also foam and of a similar V-shape and size, and it too flopped and bent while I was at a convention. I'm thinking of sandwhiching plywood to make it more stable, but that entails pulling it apart. A lesson on why test runs before conventions are so important!
Curious - what did you use to finish and coat your staff?
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Holy crap this is amazing.
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This is just beautiful. Honest to God this was amazing. You are amazing. Just wow!!!
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Amazing, which character and from which anime/game is it?
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Fai  from The Tsubusa World Reservoir Chronicles.
Such a great character. ^^
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle gif clamp 
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You are amazing!!
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THIS IS SO COOL! ^_^ Thank you for sharing!
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So helpful! I'm making one of my own, so this tutorial really helped, thanks!
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This has to be the best gift ever given. I have been trying to figure out how to make Fai's staff for about a year. His costume is almost finished and I wanted the staff. You did such a wonderful job on it. Now I know more or less how to do it. ^_^ Thanks and a great job!
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amazing great job!
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That is amazing! You did a wonderful job with that and it looks great and very realistic!
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I'm actually going to use your method for making the staff and I believe I know exactly how to fix the flimsy top part. I'm actually a metals minor in college and when I look at the staff, the thinner part that goes through each spike of the staff, I saw as being highly polished Brass wire, about 7 or 8 guage. this would make it sturdier and can lead into the pvc pipe for the connection
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Amazing! I've been working on some ideas of how to put together Fai's staff, but I absolutely adore yours!! It's really pretty! Also I love the Mokona in the background of the picture with the crystal! Adorable! =3
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Where would one find a PVC pipe..??
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any hardware store
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omg it doesnt like cheap plastic crap u would buy at a store XD
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Did you take any crafts classes?
Did you have help?
Are you doing commisions for things like this?

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I've taken lots of art classes, but none taught anything about making props like these. I'm not doing commissions atm
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Kay, thanks i'm, trying to make my own props for cosplay, but it's really annoying, oh well thanks
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This is awesome! 83 It looks wonderful. =) I'm gonna try and use this to make a Riddler staff. n.n
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