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Deidara's bird Tutorial

By Malindachan
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Be sure to check out my "Easy" bird tutorial as well: [link] :3

Edit: Thanks :iconwateverdude: for the info: depending on your oven, you might be setting the temp. to 130 degrees celcius (which is the equivalence to 275 farenhait).

A few people have been requesting a tutorial for my clay stuff: [link] , so I decided to make one while I was home from college (and within reach of an oven! ^^).

Thanks to everyone for all the favs and comments on my cosplay stuff! They motivated me to make this tutorial.

Time to make this bird: 2-3 hours

This bird was given to my Tobi....because being Tobi means you get free stuff from Deidara ^^

Deidara and his clay creations are owned by himself and Kishimoto-sensei.
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this is how i made my bird, thank you.
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wow ! thank you ! it will help with the scuptures that i do. now i just need to found the corredt claw to do it XD
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This is so nice and cute! Thank you, I will give it a shot to practice with clay! :D
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EPICNESS. I love you for this, so trying it.
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i used these steps, and its in the oven right now, lets see how well it turns out, it was my first time using clay.
Cool! (I love Naruto!)
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i think it looked better burnt :D
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^ My sister and I were just saying we think that too. :P
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Thanks for the tutorial. Going to try my hand at such starting tomorrow evening XD We've got a very close approaching Con in the next few days, so it's last minute, but if it turns out, it'll be a fun addition that most of my friends aren't expecting. :)
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you have tips for someone like me where the clay is not a bird
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im so glad you have this!!! im cosplaying as deidara at motaku '12 and i was hoping to find a way to make one of his birds, you are a lifesaver!!
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it takes deidara 3 seconds to do it with one hand...challenge accepted
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oh that little bitch. he learned it from kartman's classes on cheating I suppose...
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I can't wait to try this out ^.^
1 question, can I make these with air drying clay aswell?

Deidara: /^_\//

Itachi: O/_\O

Sasori: @_@

Konan: /-_-\/*

Pein: -::-

Hidan: *_*

Tobi: (o))

Kisame: =^_^=

Kakuzu: $_$

Zetsu: (^^)O_o(^^)
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Yup, I tried it with air-dry clay and it worked
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Took me 4 hours to make 2 birds C:
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This will really help my friend with her cosplay! Thanks for posting!
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that bird looks like a pokemon
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