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Cloud Strife Wig
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Published: April 21, 2011
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Edit: Ok, some fAQs to answer~
Q: Is it made of plastic?
A: Well, if you mean the wig fibers, then yes. I used a synthetic wig, which is technically plastic fibers instead of human hair. It is a styled wig of hair-like fibers though, not something sculpted or made from a mold (though I do feel styling crazy wigs is a lot like creating a sculpture of sorts)

Q: What products did you use?
A: Got2be hairspray and fabric glue.

Q: How did you get it so smooth?
A: I don't load intense amounts of hairspray into wigs. Doing that will clump the fibers together and make everything look really stringy and gross. I put just a tiny bit of fabric glue in the tips of the spikes to help hold them together, and I lightly spray the rest of the spikes with got2be hairspray (and use a blowdryer to help speed the process along). It also helps that I've gotten lots of practice styling wigs over the years. It's one of my favorite parts of costuming and one of my specialties :3
Also, this wig took me a week to style. I was being very particular of how it all looked as I styled it >___<


This wig has caused me so much trouble. XD It also doesn't help that almost every reference was so different!

I intended on having Cadet Cloud (FFVII Crisis Core) done by this weekend, but the wig took me so long that I didn't have time to finish everything else I had left to do. So instead I'm going as causal!Cloud this Friday at Louisianime. It's gunna be awesome; I feel like a backstreet boy.

I would have used a Punky or Jareth base normally, but neither style had the color I was looking for. I got a platinum blonde Magnum from Arda wigs [link] (color 81), but it wasn't quite thick enough for the style, so I combined a second one into it. This wig took me about a week to style since I was hand-sewing wefts for a few days.
I used my Cloud Play Arts figure as my main reference, though my styling job is not as spot-on as it could be (but that's just me being my own worst critic XD).

Thanks to everyone watching on my cosplay facebook page for the support and feedback during this whole process! Hope you guys enjoyed the progress shots XD
Can't wait to get the whole thing done. Cloud is one of my fav video game characters of all time :3 I guarantee to have the whole cosplay done in time for A-kon.

Final Fantasy VII is (c) Squaresoft/Squeenix
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feralglance|Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Rockin'.  (:
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krazycrystalstar|Hobbyist Digital Artist
omg! So purf, I miserably failled when I tried to do Blackstar's hair style XD
Soul Eater - Blackstar Running 
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K-H-E-H|Professional General Artist
dat hair doe
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BoxBoy474|Student Digital Artist
r u a girl or a boy, if u r a girl can you play roblox with me?
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dreamdemon01|Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome! Very clean and neat looking! :D
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Damn this wig's lit ok sign f2u 
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this is so beautifu, I love how flawless it looks! 
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BenjaminTDickens|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is stunning. Just stunning.
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SayIanIanIan|Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's how I always imagined his hair looking, good job!
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hi do you sell the wigs I need one for my cosplay


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Do you sell these? I need on Advent Children style for my channel on :)
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BaraKashi|Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
wow cool!
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I dunno why I hadn't favorited this before, but the wrongs have been righted. :)
Great wig! I'm hoping to get into wig making...

Eventually. :p
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James-Courtney|Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow! very interesting, nice job.
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xXxNightShadowXxX's avatar
holy crap that's a cooool wig.... how did you spike it like that? same questions like the person on the bottom...:iconcloudcameplz:
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KoKuTanLuFi|Student Photographer
When you style your wigs, where do you start first? Top or bottom? Do you separate each layer first?
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Shinobis-Destiny|Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh cool i guess i saw you in a video on youtube together with a zack cosplayer^^ could it be?
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SeikotoKazuko|Student General Artist
It looks like Roxas's hair (Kingdom hearts) but its very good!! I like it :D
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Do u take commissions??? I would love a wig similar to this but the advent children hair style
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You could SO cut something with those spikes!
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nicole22strife|Hobbyist General Artist
I wish i had a wig that well did a great job.....
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Wirr-Kopf|Student Artisan Crafter
turned out totalle awesome ^^
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