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September 24, 2013
Bioshock 2: Rapture by ~Malindachan
Featured by pullingcandy
Suggested by nanjari
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Bioshock 2: Rapture

I friggin love whale sharks. LOOKIT HIM, HE'S SO CUTE! He knew an epic photo was going to be taken so he made sure to get in there! ;D

Much thanks to the Atlanta Aquarium for letting us have the tunnel to ourselves for 5 minutes during Dragoncon night.

Big Daddy Subject Delta: :iconex-shadow:
Big Sister Eleanor :iconmalindachan:

Costumes made by ourselves

Photography by Joseph Chi Lin…
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Italienjunker's avatar
You sooo beautiful!!!
zem248's avatar
Imagine them checking in
HOLY SHIT! That's perfect
DaveSheepek's avatar
they should take you and make a Bioshock Movie ^^ =)
anagnorisisdesign's avatar
You both look perfect!!!
DoctorSatan69's avatar
the costumes are really great! how did you the lightning in the windows? can you still look through the glass?
SirKirkules's avatar
This is an amazing shot!  What a setup!
DragonmanX-90's avatar
Aw Dude I was there at Dragoncon this year!  I wish I could've seen this!!
Dzjontn's avatar
This is super nice! I recently completed Bioshock 2 for the first time and went looking after some cool drawings on DeviantArt.
So glad I found this picture, looks super nice! :D
Would like to have such a costume for in my living room! xD
LOLMaxride's avatar
Duuude this is amazing :o
sakechip's avatar
icefox94's avatar
have i played this game? no. is this going in my favorites anyways? yes. why? because it's gorgeous! XD
AmrasFelagund's avatar
Wow! Wow... That is breathtaking... This is why there needs to be a live-action BioShock movie!
weltjudentum's avatar
It's Bomber-man!
pullingcandy's avatar
The September, 2013 Cosplay Daily Deviation Round-Up has been released, and you can find your spectacular work here! :la:
nekomatalee's avatar
These turned out amazing! And sooooo awesome you were able to go to an aquarium to do a photoshoot.
Hooray for cutie whaleshark's timing!
HikariHellion's avatar
Cool as hell shot, but I got one can you guys breathe in those things?!
Malindachan's avatar
Big Daddy's costume has computer fans that help ventilate his helmet. I can take mine off more easily, but the green in the front is made out of a stretched fabric, so I can breath just fine. :)
CakeandCandles's avatar
This is so breathtaking! You guys had amazing cosplay! You should enter a contest or something!
RobotProphet's avatar
that is SUCH a good idea! no rapture? go to the shark tunnel xD
SerenaVampire734's avatar
Awesome! They're both fantastic! :D
a1993's avatar
thats kick ass "D
darkcreamz95's avatar
OMG this is amazing a well deserved DD~ :D

Congrats! :meow:
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