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Animefest 2011: Yusei Fudo

First upload wearing my new wig that I styled! I'm super pleased with how it looks <3

We went up to the balcony spot again this year for some private photos, and it was super windy! The hair in the very back of the wig was flying everywhere, but the heavily styled parts held up very well. Aki had some Marilyn Monroe moments and I had to save Aporia's halo from flying away XDD. And then when we got bored I used Aporia's halo as a hula hoop and reenacted the 3D movie motorcycle stuff with Jaden. Hanging out with everyone there was one of my big highlights of the con <3

Yusei cosplay made and worn by :iconmalindachan:

Photo by :iconboikem:

Yugioh 5D's is (c) Kazuki Takahashi

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I know this is ancient, but I still die every time I see it. You managed to bring these dramatic dorks to life so well, and I love it! 
kuraminn's avatar
rly nice cosplay
otakudreams139's avatar
I love Yusei and Im a big fan of your work. Youre awesome

Yusei! I hear you're one of the best in satalite. well why don't we just let the cards  show us that!


*Ready's duel disk and deck.


Duel me yusei!



^^ Nice job, yusei's one of my favorites, look just like him.

zera-lumaniam's avatar
Did u make Yusei's tank or did u buy it?
Kimi-No-Tame-Ni's avatar
Your Yusei cosplay = AWESOME!!!!!!!
Nightshade255's avatar
secretsheik's avatar
Ok ok I have to ask... that wig... how...?
Naaracool's avatar
I love the reflection in the glass!
BRTPhotography's avatar
Who the hell are you and what's wrong with your hair? :P Great cosplay of Yusei :)
MikariStar's avatar
very detail, great job on the hair
linkluvr01's avatar
Oh wow. This is the best cosplay I've ever seen! Awesome job on the costume! :D
SketchHead's avatar
wow you really make that yusei cosplay work

more like the anime come to life in my opinion
XRelaxoX's avatar
if you play yu-gi-oh as good as you cosplay then your going to be the next champion!! xD
KiteAzureFlameGod's avatar
Woah that is the best Yusei Fudo cosplay ive seen. Fantastic job! :D
dragonballzdilara's avatar
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauwww cute wannnnnnnaaa see hım ın real XDDD
DigitalPear's avatar
si estás leyendo esto probablemente esté en un traductor. que cayó por completo para eso. Si no estás usando un traductor, estoy impresionado. No revele lo que dice. Que la gente la figura de fuera.
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Truly Amazing! I want to do cosplay too but i can't right now. All of yours are so great!
KKBatoretto's avatar
That is just damn AMAZING!!!!
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