Strife A Silent War

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It was 2014 in the United States. The world had was rocked by a recent war within the United States that followed a rip in the fabric of the universe appeared and caused other beings to phase into our own Earth. The world was not prepared for the arrival of the creatures and was still focused on fighting and shedding blood on “human” ideologies. The humans of Earth stopped all wars to deal with something together for once.

The creatures from the rip that landed in the United States were apprehended by military forces minutes after phasing in. The President had no clue what think of these new beings, one had phased into the oval office causing a lock down. He saw the creature standing before him. The creature was no bigger than himself, standing at 5 foot 8 it was slender, and its head was “deformed” in the opinion of the President. Fluffy appendages stemmed out from the head that were flicking about, the mouth was protruding far out like an animal’s nose. On the creatures’ back was a long appendage that reach just under the backside of the creatures “broken knee”. The President swore the legs reminded him his dogs at home. In fact, he could have sworn the large creature was almost just like a Malinois Shepherd.

The creature was speaking in a different language at first and started to advance towards the President, the secret service started rushing towards the creature pulling their service pistols from the holster issuing different orders to the advancing being. Unable to understand the agents the creature continued towards the President looking around now curious of the item agent held. With inhuman speed the creature lurched towards the agent grabbing the unknown object right out of the agent hand inspecting the “intricate” design waving it around and smacking it with his other paw.

The other Agents were unsure what to think of this and raised their pistols aiming at the creature. Another agent, James Kellner, went over the President and grabbed his shoulder. “Jack we gotta get you out of here.” He gently but firmly pushed the President towards one of the Oval Offices secret doors then lifted his free arm to speak into his cuff. “The Eagle is secured, I repeat POTUS is clear from firing zone.” With that Jack could hear gun fire from the other room and clear animal whimpering sounds.

Five years after the events of what the media call the “Joining” The laws, the views, the entire culture of the world had changed. In 2019 A Wolf-man was scouring through a destroyed building. He was bleeding from his arm through a rip in his military jacket. As he looked for medical supplies, he came across a working computer. He inspected the computer out of the curiosity. Within those five years the creatures had learned the English language, he could read and write a bit better than others. The computer was an archive of news articles, he gathered that with everything else he had found in the building it was official, this used to be the press; which was unlucky for him as that meant no medical supplies. He looked through the various articles and video clips looking back on his kinds history. In 2014 the media reported that thousands of “Furry’s” were hunting for “Husbandos” and “Waifus” thanks to the rip and the fandom was in unanimous uproar calling the new creatures “Kawaii” or “anthropomorphic” or just “Furry. Later that year the fandom created protests that the media was keen on reporting as well. In September, a few months after the “Joining” the POTUS and his elected officials had finally come to a decision on the creature’s presence. They declared these beings otherworldly, who had no rights. They could not be married by the “furry freaks” and were not to be trusted. The first executive order of eventual many was to round up all the creatures into camps where they could be studied and dealt with accordingly. The wolfs ears drooped some as he kept reading, it was the first of many times the world was not welcoming to him and his people.

“Lance, you coming or what?” A Jackal was peering from the wall. Lance looked over to his friend and waved a paw.

“Yeah in a minute, I found something to research.” The wolf didn’t bother looking up as he engrossed with the human technology. The Jackal sighed as this meant upwards of 4 hours knowing Lance. Lance had scrolled to the next article looking at what it said.

In 2015, The United states had rounded 80% of the illegals and the conditions of the camps were more akin the concentration camps they learned about in World History class. Soon even non “furry” lovers were joining the protests based on the inhumane treatment of the creatures. The office of the President still refused to acknowledge the pleas, he felt justified in treating them inhumanely since they were in fact, inhuman. The media who had been supporting the POTUS since day one was starting to give less and less support themselves worried about the state of the nation.

Other countries according to other articles stemming between 2016 and the end of 2017 were handling things a little better. IN 2016 Canada had let the creatures live freely. The hardier species looked to live in the more unhabitable places of Canada. Others joined the French quarter Quebec causing an increase in specieism. Some went west to Alberta and became drinking champions. Alaska closed its borders making it the first state to go into lockdown. In 2017 A Doberman became an elected official in Sweden. Switzerland was enjoying an economic boom from cohesion of letting these creatures own and work on farms and other jobs that were needed badly or were too risky for humans.

The United States however had entered a new regime. Jack was pushing executive order after executive order. Walls were built around the entire United States. More “Unity” camps were cropping up. The police were militarized and re-structed into an extermination militia. The military focused its arms inward. The people of the nation became split, those who sided with the creatures created pockets of resistance and revived the underground railroad. Near the end of 2017 California, Texas, and half of New Mexico seceded from the United States creating safe havens and places for the creatures and their supporters to migrate to.

Arizona was the first state to begin the civil war raising arms and “cleaning house” killing the mayor of the state and installing a dictator who made it illegal to allow the entry of “Beings that appear to have or to be covered in fur. They allowed those who opposed to leave the state. The way of leaving was through different migration houses that were built around the borders of the state. These houses were chambers that could house 40 migrators at a time. Anyone who entered never did come out the other side. These chambers would fill with gas that was then ignited by a starter, the bodies were then inspected for survivors, if one was found the protocol dictated a precision shot.

The bodies were then tossed over the wall to fend off weaker attackers. Nevada and New Mexico fell under civil war as well, rich in Native American Blood however, the states eventually with no real violence submitted and joined Texas and California. Colorado and Washington also joined the growing nation the states having enjoyed a liberal wave, had no intention of slowing the steam down. Idaho was pressured to join surrounded by the new nation. The new nations leader who originated from California, Carter Grove, visited Idaho.

“Mayor of Idaho, I knew you when you were just starting out, if you join us, we can protect you and it would be strategic victory for our new nation.” Carter was pacing in the Mayor’s office, “No that won’t work… Spud thoughts?” He looked over to the dalmatian in the suit who had furrowed what Carter believed to be a brow. Spud was his second in command to prove they would be a better nation and he believed Spud had what it took to help run a nation that would be so diverse.

“Just talk from your heart sir, if you do know him this should be easy right?” The dog had tilted his head which the mayor couldn’t help but find cute, he knew they were “human”, but he still couldn’t get past the dog-like appearances and how they act feral at times. He was right however; Terry was a good friend of his and knew he could win Idaho.

Lance wished Idaho hadn’t gotten first in the major war of 2018. Idaho was the place he phased into, people were nice to him, offered clothes, found him shelter, and he remembered when the joined the new nation and watched as the flag, a human hand interlaced with a feral paw, was raised. “USE…” He said with a chuckle. “United Species of Earth.” That was the name of the nation after acquiring Idaho, it was the nation he swore to protect in 2018. He looked out the blown-out wall to wall window of the crumbling building. They were in Idaho, and from the officer they could see the Unity statue that made a month after Idaho joined. It was placed near town hall. Looking back at the articles it was noted in 2018 was when the world turned.

After Idaho seceded, Arizona Bolstered its defenses now surrounded by the USE. The POTUS put the rest of the country into Martial Law and began building walls around the new nation setting up a De-Militarized Zone, which was not lacking in military forces; there was drones that patrolled the zone along with military APC vehicles and tanks. The President wanted to flex his strength at the budding nation. Carter was not impressed and continued his projects.

The people, however, were more concerned and pushed for a show of force from their nation. Between the different military bases, they had acquired including Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado. Carter was sure they had a fair amount of military power themselves. Despite wanting to keep things peaceful, he did order construction of their own walls to be made completing the DMZ. He posted a mix of human and “anthro”, as his nation came to call the creatures, at the wall’s defenses. His military, along with his cabinet, was a mix of human and creature, his motto was, “lead by example”, so he wanted to be inclusive of both kinds as much as possible. That’s were Lance’s unit came in, his team has several titles: extractors, infiltrators, defenders, and rangers. The unit comprised of five people, Lance the wolf, Creed the jackal, Marek the human, Fletcher the hawk, and Norris the mouse.

Creed who was now tapping Lance on the shoulder broke the wolfs train of thought. Lance wheeled around towards the jack looking down some. Th wolf was towering at 6 foot 5 and the jackal was not much shorter standing at 5 foot 11. “What is it Creed?” The wolf was annoyed at this point he had wanted to finish reading the archive to see if it contained anything about the current year.

“Lance, Marek found the gauze finally in that pack of his come one let’s get that arm patched and get moving! We shouldn’t have to wait till 2020 to get back you know!” It was near the end of 2019 and this tour of duty was near its completion. They had gone to Idaho to search for a reported infiltration team from the Extermination Military Forces (EMF). The EMF was the extermination team that the POTUS had made with the mixing of the police and the military. The EMF was known for its ruthless actions and its extreme prejudice against inhuman species.

So this is what I was working on this week. It is quite a bit different then what I usually write so I hope its okay! Let me know what you think

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