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I'm the Eldritch Gentleman, your tentacled mangaka VTuber, Malik Torihane. I mostly do Dragon Ball centric art. You may know me as the artist of the popular fan manga "DB New Age", thumbnail artist for Masako X's What-If series, and the author behind "Blood Rider" and "My Big Sisters Are Monsters!!"

Favourite Visual Artist
Akira Toriyama, Kazuki Takahashi, Mark Bagley, Tite Kubo, Okayado, Kohei Horikoshi, Masashi Kishimoto, Yusuke Murata
Tools of the Trade
Medibang, XP-Pen

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Say, did MasakoX commisoned you to do "If Vegetto stayed fused, GT edition" yet?

Because the hype i have of his version of that universe Pan is huge


Look, if you don't want to keep working on DBNA anymore, it's alright to just say it.

I mean, constantly delaying and then only releasing 4 pages every 6 months isn't fair to you or the fans.

Great Artists Great Gallery

What happened to Dragon Ball New Age and your twitter account?

When are you gonna upload more on here?

Malikstudio, here are the Metamoran Fusion and Potara Fusion of Goku and Good Nappa by Wudaiblackhole95:


This is Napku, the potara fusion of Goku and good Nappa.


This is Goppa, the metamoran fusion of Goku and good Nappa.