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Islamic Arts Magazine Cover-03 by malikanas

Islamic Arts Magazine is a new online e-publication which managed within its 3 released issues to prove itself as an important documentation of Islamic Arts not only in its historic and aesthetic journey but also as a contemporary element of visual arts today.

After browsing through its first and second issues I was delighted to find out that a small group of people armed with passion, creativity and professionalism were able to establish such a beautiful and solid magazine.

They opened a wide window to Islamic Arts in an elegant layout, interesting topics and stunning photography.

It's true that Islamic Arts are a foreign territory to some people who hadn't had the chance to see its vast influence and achievements in art, architecture and lifestyle.
The contemporary aspect of Islamic Arts became a topic that we need to know more about as we are interested to know the development of this rich heritage. This magazine is a good point to start and –for me- it is a feast for the eyes and mind.
A few months ago I was asked to do an interview with the magazine and that's how I was introduced to it.

By the way, You may download the first issue for free here:

Or you may want to buy a specific issue.

My interview was published in issue-03 :…

They've selected one of my humble Oriental Pages to be the cover of this beautiful issue.
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Dear All,

I want to add some life to my Oriental Pages series; I need to make an animation where all the elements (in any given page) appear in an arraigned order as if there were drawn live one by one on a specific background.

I managed to do a similar approach using Image Ready but the result was a huge file size, not very much an e-mail friendly one!

I think that using Flash MX is what I'm looking for, unfortunately I'm not familiar with it.

Can anyone suggest a link or a tutorial that fill my description?



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When you find that your message center is overwhelmed by many new visitors, friends, comments and favs. Be sure it's a great sign!

Today I had this wonderful experience for the third time since my adventure on DA started almost 3 years ago.

Very few words can describe my gratitude and thanks! I'm truly humbled by your support and kind comments.

My DA account made my efforts for the last two years more rewarding (spiritually and artistically) and I'm forever thankful for all the support that made me feel welcome and to all my friends who stood by me and shared their love, friendship and wisdom.

Special thanks to :iconarhcamt: who made this day for me a hard one to forget!


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Today, I was truly honored to get my second DD.

Many thanks to :iconcosmosue:, a brilliant digital artist who gave me the chance to share my work with many new friends.

I'm really thankful for all of you who supported me from day one and keep making me passionate about my work, you know who you are! I couldn't have done it without you.

Actually, this is my speech for the Oscars, but since I'm not nominated this year!!! ;)

Have a great day!


Digital Spotlight Stamp by JunkbyJen

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The Art and Passion of Alice Young :

I would like to introduce you to ALICE YOUNG a brilliant calligrapher who managed to made me overwhelmed by here talent as a prominent calligrapher, writings and by here kind  personality.

Here blog (Notes: A calligraphy journal) contemporarycalligraphy.blogsp… is one of the best contemporary calligraphy blogs I’ve ever seen.

The blog’s mission -as noted- : is to introduce more viewers to contemporary calligraphy.

The blog is not only a showcase of here elegant, colorful works; it’s also filled with information, useful links, related topics and comments which made me feel like a kid in a candy store!!!.


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When I opened my message page today, I thought that there is something wrong with my computer, a moment passed and then it hits me…. I've been featured in the Daily Deviation… I call it the DD Dream!

I'm so thankful for   :iconzeruch:   who found in my art works something that worth sharing here in DA, I'm truly honored for this privilege and also thankful for my friends who helped me day after day and supported me with their comments :+fav: and love.

Best Wishes for you all.


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A year has passed!!!

On 18/8/2005 I was reading an issue of Creative Arts magazine when I first see a link to a community called (Deviant Art)… After trying some other links I was surprised –more like Shock- to enter DA and browsed for hours through the unique and the exquisite artworks that were shown on that hot day of August.

Finding DA and participating in it was for me a discovery for a new Inspiration Mine that has no limitations or borders!

For years I was making bargains and deals to buy old –sometimes used- digital art/photography magazines from some magazines dealer who manage to get three or four issues every months, the price tag was high, the benefit were uncertain!.

I started to talk about DA to every one and started to check my account several times every day, learning, making friends, hoping that I would have recognition for my artwork… These things can't be done with magazines you know! ;)

Friends was a blessing for me, every comment, +Fav or note was as a message from haven, they were a sign that I'm still alive, you may be a little surprise by this but please check were I live either by checking in my page or in your World News Tonight!

I just want to thank any and every one how supported, favorite or even took a minute to visit my gallery. You know yourselves and I'm truly thankful for your friendship, support and help. And many thanks to DA for the wonderful year.  

I would like to go on and on but I'm afraid that the electricity will be shut down in about seven minutes for you know that we can't have it 24 hours a day!

Best Wishes from Baghdad,

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I love calligraphy!! For more than 15 years now I find myself attached to every thing related to this Art (Calligraphers, Tools, Galleries…etc.).

I was lucky to find a calligraphy and illumination community :iconscriptorium:

Through this community I was introduced to a wonderful group of artists and techniques; I hope you can find a moment to check it out.

You should also visit :iconholyrose:

Here gallery filled with unique calligraphic pieces and here art works seemed to have the power of a thousand words.  

Calligraphy is a wonderful art form regardless the letters or the language.

Best Regards,


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This is my first journal in DA and I hope it won't be my last!

I love books, when I start reading a new book I have this feeling of having a new member in my family…
I love any thing related to the act of reading (art works, pictures, bestseller lists, articles…etc.).

In his lovely book (On Writing: a memoir of the craft) Steven King wrote about the magic of a life filled with books, the quality of life that you aught to have if you spend more time reading books. He wrote that he cut through 70-80 books a year! Sitting on his favorite reading blue chair.

One of my firs questions to a new friend would be (what are you reading these days?) I always love to know that, it is not the title that matters; it is the act of having this lovely member in your life that fascinates me… (a good book).

So, in this journal I would love to hear from you all dear friends… I would like you to share your reading habits, what are you reading these days? What is your favorite time to read? How many hours a day do you read? How many books did you read this year?

I believe that reading habits are contagious, and sharing it will encourage many readers to read more and to make sure to have a new member/book in their lives every day! Go ahead and tell us about your reading habits.

Best Regards,