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Ilustrator CS2 + Photoshop.
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very impressing. 
is it possible to have a larger image to use it on a sufi book  in Turkey written by Cemalnur Sargut, by referring to your name? please let me know a.s.a.p... Thank you!
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this is such an intersting piece Malik! would you grant me the honour of attempting to transfer this to canvas? i can add your website details on the back of the canvas if you would like?
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very pretty :heart:
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Another beautiful piece. To me, it looks like a raven looking out a window at the moon.
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Thank you so much. :)
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Breath taking!!!!
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Thank you so much. :)
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My mother bought me a print of this picture for my birthday. I can't wait for the shipment to arrive :D
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What material and paper do you use?
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These are all digital works, I use textures to give this effect. ;) Thanks.
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Don't you use ink and paper for the first step?
You're very welcome!
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In my early stages yes, ink and paper on white paper. the last 10 pages or so were all 100% digitally made. :)
very nice calligraphic art work .i like this
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Thank you so much. :)
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"I cannot read the fiery letters" said Frodo.
But they are not of this world. We ascend the night of your calligraphy with joy.

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Thank you so much my friend, all the best to you and your lovely work. :)
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The curves are well balanced by the simplistic, yet beautiful moon. Great job!
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Such a harmonious blend of shapes and styles. The moon at the top stands out so much, but it fits in because the whole piece has an abstract element to it. Nice work!
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the texture, calliography r awesome !!
man u make me proud am arabian =D
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your work is stunning!
I'm taking Arabic at the moment, and every time I see something like this, I'm struck once again by the sheer beauty of the language. Thank you for sharing!
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