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Eriteide GTK Theme

V 1.1.1
Change metacity theme: I removed the bottom of the window when maximized

V 1.1
Change background panel
Add gtk3 support from zuki

V 1.0.2
Update Faenza-Dark-Cupertino to fix some missing icons

V 1.0.1

Change associated icons to Faenza-Dark-Cupertino based on Faenza Cupertino and Faenza-Dark.
Faenza-Dark-Cupertino incluede. I only merged the icon-theme. All credits to tiheum [link] and john007 [link]

V 1.0

Based on Equinox Evolution [link] by tiheum

Change based on my Equinox Eriteide [link] by MarcosBox ([link])


Remove horizontal borders on the menu and toolbar (credits for code erty [link])

Change Sidebar Colour

Changed gtk-icon-sizes

Metacity Equinox Eriteide based on Elegant-GTK, Atolm edited by me.

Changed the background color of the menu from white to gray
Changed the background color and text terminal

Add GtkTreeView::vertical-separator = 0 to code for better view of feed tree under Liferea
Change colour in gnome-terminal.rc

Change panel colour

Change scrollbar style for better visual performanc on apps like LibreOffice Calc
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fantastic work!