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Lux (Ferrroth)

Lux - Ferrroth's OC pony.
Requster by Ferrroth.

Used SAI and Photoshop.
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This looks really motivationalWink/Razz .
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*Plays unchained melody tune* :3
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I just noticed someone roleplayed with her. 
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wow this is really inspiring, I love all the subtle light and detail. Keep it up!
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Lux: Yes? May I help you?
Stallion: Oh! S-sorry I...
L: That's alright. I got used to ponies staring at me while I work. I keep wondering why.
S: Uh.... I-it's just... how can you make such great pottery with your hooves?
She slowed down the potter's wheel with a hoof until it stop turning.
L: Practice.
S: *hit its head with a hoof* Of course.
L: Hmm.
S: What?
L: They usually wonder how come a pegasus like me would be a potter instead on weather worker.
S: Huh? Oh. Uh... I-I-I guess I have an more open mind that I thought.... *nervous laugh*
L: You still haven't answer my question.
S: Huh? Oh! Yes, umm.
L: Let me guess, it's for a pot?
S: A funeral urn actually.
L: *gasp!* Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry!
S: T-that's okay. Don't feel bad, it's not for me.
L: My deepest sympa- Huh?
S: It's for my closest friend.
L: I... I don't get it... Is he or she-
S: Nope. He's healthy, but... he's mourning right now for his lost. His wife died a week ago.
L: That's so sad. Please, tell him that I-
S: No need. He asked to take the order for him, but he told me he would come for seeing the details on the work. Is that okay?
L: Of course! Albeit, this is very sad... *sigh* Despite how easy they are to make... I always get emotional when I craft one...
S: Yeah.
L: ...
S: So?
L: What?
S: How much for the urn?
L: I ask usually between 200 to 500 bits.
S: What? That much?
L: You're paying for craftsmanship here. But, it depends on the details you're asking for.
S: Damn!
L: Tell your friend I can be flexible on the price, though.
S: How flexible?
L: 50 bits off.
S: And if I... I don't know... I added a... umm... a big jug in the order?
L: A jug? Why?
S: Uh... I meant a vase. Yes, a vase! For flowers... So he could put flowers by it's side... On the side of the urn... I memory of his wife... Yes.
L: Well, in that case... 400 with the-
S: And a bowl! A personalized one with-
L: Hey! Are you trying to get a rebate from your friend's lost?
S: What? How dare you! I would never do such a thing!
L: If I tell you why a pegasus like me ended being a potter, you would say the truth?
S: Huh? But I'm telling the...
She glared at him.
S: You first.
L: After you.
S: *sigh* The truth is... I hate the guy...
L: What? But he's your fr-
S: He kicked me of his house in the time I needed help the most.
L: Oh. I see. Then, why are you doing... You want him to take you back?
S: Me? Nah. I got a house now. It's just payback.
L: I'm still not doing it.
S: Come on! You're still going to get paid.
She crossed her forelegs. He dropped his head in defeat. Meanwhile, a new customer opened the door of the shop, lux welcoming it.
L: Hello, welcome in my pottery shop. How may I help you?
Mare: I see that my husband is still there.
L: Huh?
S: Honey? What are doing here?
M: Don't tell me you tried it again!
L: What again?
M: *sigh* He conned other potters in Equestria into giving him a huge rebate.
L: WHAT?! You.... YOU!!!!
M: Come on dear before she kicks that thick head of your...
S: Awww... I was so close... Wait! You still haven't told me how you ended up becoming a potter.
M: Oh? That's odd alright. The other potters I've met were all earth ponies.
L: *chuckle* Yes, I could tell you, but I guess the mystery will end in the urn you ordered. Now... Get out!

Wonderful work. It sure is something to see a pony making pottery, seating that way. So a pegasus, it looks like an angel is doing it.
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Logs back on account and sees story with my oc. My new account is :slyrith:  you should refrain from making random role play with other peoples characters because that tends to create termoil. I like the concept of the post but I can’t help but to be slightly offended because you used my pc before I got to. 
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I stopped writing stories based on OCs back in 2016 for that very reason. I stopped writing altogether anyway last January.

Want me to hide this one for you?
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Oh, what's the story )

To admit for me, it was a mystery too. I mean the Pegasus for a work like pottery making - looks really unusual )

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My pleasure. I'm glad that you liked it.

Since I didn't have much infos about her, I had to go that way. She is still quite pretty, though.

Could be the passing from a parent who was Earth pony to her who have taught her the art.
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A potter pegasus? Sure! :)
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Thanks! )

I do not take commissions.
If you are lucky, you can try request me next time, when I open requests again. But right now I do not want take any.
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Awwww okay :( i will be looking forward to it. AGAIN YOU DID AMAZING 
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Cool... a artist Pone!
She is pretty.
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A nice colorful scene!
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This OC is so interesting o3o
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*Cue 'Unchained Melody' playing in the background* :P

This is beautifully done! ^w^
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Ah! That's the name of the song. I forgot.
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