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Luna and Fleur

MLP:FIM (My little pony: Frendship is magic) - Princess Luna and Fleur De Lis.
Requested by 
CrimsonColt7 - Sorry for too long ;) (Wink) .

Used SAI and Photoshop.
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Amazing Two Of My Fav Ponies!
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Possibly the only piece I've seen with those two, since they both look alike.

Wonderful work
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wow! 0.0 this art is legendary
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Wow!!! thats a nice art right there :D
CrimsonColt7's avatar
NICE !!! Fleur de Lis look like young Celestia don't you think ? and I Love this Pic and you (no Homo).
HyperactiveClap - Small - Glasses.
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Thanks )
Probably... right before she started to dye her hair and acquired an invisible fan, so that are always looks like it waving in the wind )
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That's absolutely amazing! Should be making $$ off art that beautiful~ Neko Emoji-14 (Cry) [V1] 
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What a cute pair. Lol, Fleur wearing Luna's crown in one of the pictures. :)
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Nice job on the mane .3.
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Я же не первый кому пони справа показалась Селестией, да?)
Классный арт :3
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Это было бы логично, но спрашивали Луну и Флер... )
Спасибо! )
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They look so cute and adorable! :D
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