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Frosty Twinkle

Frosty Twinkle - CoFFian's OC pony.
Requested by CoFFian.

Used SAI and Photoshop.
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Teach me how to draw awesome pictures in SAI. ;_______;
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I have not studied how to do it right when drawing, and I not a professional artist. So I can barely teach someone. Sweating a little... 
The best advice I can give: Tt's all about practice. Do more and do often when you have time and desire. Also, between drawing digital, do not abandoned drawing and practicing on paper.
But... you probably already knew that ;) (Wink) 

As for SAI - it is better to use it with the tablet.
Also take the time to configure all the hotkeys and brushes to suit your preferences.
For hotkeys: menu "Others" -> "Keyboard shortcuts", and also do right click on brush -> "Options" -> Shortkut Key (input field).
There are many brushes, but I use more often just Basic Brush and Blur.
Also "Clipping Group" is wery useful option for make layers. 
And do not be lazy to make different folders for different parts of the picture.

And then practice and practice more. The more you use this program, the more clear you understand it's functions and the better you will be able to use them for yourself. So, it also about practice. I still continue to find new solutions in SAI for myself. :) (Smile) 
Find and watch videos, how other people draw in SAI, you may learn someting. I don't do videos, but there are many artists who do. 
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Wo wo wo, a lot of reading. ;_;
(....and translating)
But thanks for help. ^^

...Useful useful. c;
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Aw. Not english speaking too? )
Understand )

I do not speak English well, so I have to use translators for writing it all... )
It is funny moment )

Seems you are Poland? But in Polish I'm not very good too...
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Stół z powyłamywanymi nogami. ^_^
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How do people do snowy backgrounds ;;v;;
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If this is your OC that's so cool! I love her cutie mark! It's so pretty, winter FTW
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No. It is not mine.
Look at description. It is CoFFian's request and OC pony.
The composition and drawing is only mine.
But, thanks )
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OH Sorry! I just like browsing art so I rarely read descriptions! I'll try and start reading them more often, but nice work anyway!
Malifikyse's avatar
No problem )
I don't always read them too Wink/Razz 
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Do you only draw ponies? 
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No. I just drew few ponies, and later many people began to give me requests on a ponies. So it happened that for a certain period I drew a lot of ponies while working on requests...
In fact I don't want people to think that I only draw ponies )
But I also know that most of my watchers like ponies, so from time to time I continue to draw ponies.
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Ah. ^^ Because your art is magnificent, I'm sure you could draw anything! 
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Oh, thank you, it's really nice to hear it! Aww :happybounce: 

But honestly, I think I still have something to strive for... )
Well, there's always room for improvement, I mean.
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Oooh, I really like this one. :)
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Magnificent background and great pony style
ProxyJack's avatar
Would love how ya make the background
Maybe some reference ya have?
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