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Before the battle

By MaliciouSDoG
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It's just a sketch :)
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lolistick's avatar
Its just AWESOME
Id follow that man into the gates of hell
Ironically its where they are headed
brit92's avatar
very creative profile angle
MaltheusTheSkourge's avatar
Epic, I definitley captures the sterness of the commissar!
MaliciouSDoG's avatar
Thanks, I like to draw faces and emotions.
ThePainIsDeep's avatar
its really awesome!
but there are some chaos stars in the background?!? :P
MaliciouSDoG's avatar
It's shining stars of the Emperor.:)
ThePainIsDeep's avatar
haha ok brother, we let it be shining stars of the emperor :D
zman988's avatar
sir, you have talent! :salute: You've done the Emperor a good service.
MaliciouSDoG's avatar
Thanks. I here to serve! :)
MaliciouSDoG's avatar
Yes, I used some pictures
Buashei's avatar
With reference?
Kn1ghtofDarknes's avatar
i feel like i want you to sketch out a comic...i want to make a story with this drawing...awesome work my friend!
magicswordz's avatar
very good man
thats some good detail and some excellent shading :)
Mishai's avatar
realy good work, interesting details-comisars and psykers faces are finest:)
Cygnus-A's avatar
I'm just visioning this scenario--before battle, the commisar beats them with a stick... great way to strengthen them recruits!

Nice dude, you have some mean talent compared to me. Your sketch is much cleaner than what I do and I applaud you for it.
MaliciouSDoG's avatar
He speaks them:
Today each of us will glorify a name of the Emperor in fight, in feats, in a life and death!!! Today each son of Imperium will enter the name in history!!! In a name of the Emperor all of us will go only forward, to a victory or death and no one will not make the STEP BACK!!!
P.S. My English is bad...
Cygnus-A's avatar
No worries--intriguing to say the least. I don't know a whole hell of a lot of the Warhammer universe but I know an Imperial guard and you serve them well sketching this picture. Good job man.

P.S. -- Don't worry about the English, your message came in nice and strong.
Proiteus's avatar
Love the comissar's posture, nice one :D
MaliciouSDoG's avatar
So hurry up!!! The greenskins is nearby :bonk:
BaadKarmah's avatar
Nicely done! My only suggestion is to edit the banner tops for the troops. They look somewhat chaos-like with the spiky bits. Just saying.

Look forward to seeing more of your work.
MaliciouSDoG's avatar
You are absolutely right. Thanks, I will consider your council.
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