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Sanctuary Fortress

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The entrance to Sanctuary Fortress, the spectacular, logic-defying technological haven from Metroid Prime 2.

I made this partly because I had so much fun with the first eleven(!) Metroid environment watercolors and wanted to make another, and partly in celebration of the upcoming expansion to the fan remix album Harmony of a Hunter, which will include a remix of the Sanctuary theme. It will be released sometime this year. Until then, you can listen to the preview here:


EDIT: Here it is! [link]

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Zarode1505Hobbyist General Artist
Nice. I loved Echoes a lot. Sure, it was drawn out towards the end with the final key hunt, but if people were willing to learn the rules with the ammo system, they could've had a much easier time with the game, overall.

Your artwork is mesmerizing.
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Prime's 2 and 3 did an excellent job of creating unique areas that weren't just snow or lava and such. When U-Mos instructed me to go to a "Sanctuary Fortress" high in the cliffs I was disappointed, expecting a stone castle of some sort, but once I arrived, my mind was blown!
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Malicious-MonkeyHobbyist Traditional Artist
I was pleasantly surprised for the same reason! I was expecting a giant cathedral or something.
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My favourite of yours, it is just picture perfect.

The detail here is enough to recreate the memories- such an utter achievement, is this!
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l33tn3rdzHobbyist Writer
Actually my OC and D&D PC the Crimson Demon aka the WAR10CK uses this place as home and shelter to get away from the perils of adventuring sometimes. And just like its name he calls it his Sanctuary Fortress. An inpenetrable lair for him to relax in.

I chose this place because it represents the cyberpunk in me. My description of the digital rain is that this place receives every byte of data from all of his operations across the universe in realtime. The amount of data is so massive that it actually becomes visible as digital rain and pulsating lights across the rocks.

He feels safe in the security of this high tech lair surrounded by the security systems and computers.
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Malicious-MonkeyHobbyist Traditional Artist
I like the idea of the digital rain being literal data floating up from a surrounding metropolis. I'll think of that next time I play the game.
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UnialienHobbyist General Artist
Sanctuary Fortress is very cool on the view of the world with many strange electronic flows from the sky... This is amazing... :D
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ClapperSnapperMasterHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh my amazing! :O this was my fave place! This is truly outstanding! Excellent use of color and detail! :)
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spider ball....spiderball wins it FTW
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Ah yeah, the bridge. And the huge city under it. I like that you made it one big cloud of white, it adds to the intensity. I remember seeing the rock formation for the first time :O, I thought it was a fully artificial fortress but even here there was nature. The rectangular data thingies are a nice touch/detail, I always used to wonder what it was. Looks pretty iconic, like you see it when you play it.
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Maridia99 General Artist
This was my favorite location in MP2. Nicely done!
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Wow great job on this!
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sirk141Hobbyist General Artist
very nice on of my most challenging area in the game not to mention that its the most awesome looking areaXD
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i hated this place -_-
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neijxyellowStudent Artist
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Malicious-MonkeyHobbyist Traditional Artist
Blocked as in stuck? After the bridge is destroyed, you need to grab the spider ball before you can leave the area.
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neijxyellowStudent Artist
i can't get the powah bombs! :C
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Malicious-MonkeyHobbyist Traditional Artist
They're in Torvus Bog, near the Alpha Blogg lair.
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neijxyellowStudent Artist
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i think sanctuary is my favorite area in any of the prime games. just an awesome place to explore. you did a great job in replicating it
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Malicious-MonkeyHobbyist Traditional Artist
I think sanctuary is my favorite area in any game ever. Can't beat that upwards rain.
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i like most places on zebes better but i haven't beaten echoes in a while so my opinion may of changed since.
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