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Rhinoceros Beetle

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My latest, and probably my best. Basically, I took the beetle's name and ran with it, and this is what came out of it. I was going for more of a seamless hybrid creature than a cut-and-paste chimera, and I hope I managed that. Anyway, this was really fun to make, I got to try out lots of cool textures and forms.

EDIT: Thanks to everyone who commented. I wasn't expecting it to get this much attention, and I'm quite flattered!

It's painted! See here:

EDIT2: A lot of people are asking what it's made of. It's super sculpey, a bakeable, flesh-colored polymer clay.
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how long did you bake it for since its so thick and big by the way looks amazing love the idea
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I usually leave big ones like this in the oven for one to two hours. Mind you, this is at a low temperature like 170-200 degrees F, don't listen to what the box says. It's really impossible to tell if it's finished before it cools, but if it starts to turn a light golden brown in places, that's the perfect time to take it out.
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thanks! the colors are perfect do you mix brands or keep it one brand ?
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I just used whatever I could find in my dad's studio. So yes, I mix brands like crazy.

The metallic sheen comes from a mixture of non-wax floor finish and metallic powders. I layered this mixture between layers of matte paints, careful not to overdo the shininess. A little drybrushing does wonders to tone it down.
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Man this is ultimatly awsome...
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Wow, just wow :o
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this is so adorable!!!
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Adorable, and epic combo : P
Did you make it hallow inside?
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The shell is bulked out with wire and tin foil, but otherwise it's solid.
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Ah ha, here's the info! :)
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What is this cute little fella made out of?
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How long did it take you to make? Did you bake or boil the sculpey after to harden it?
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It took a couple weeks. I baked it in parts - when the head and body were finished I slow-baked it enough to harden it so it wasn't brittle or smushable, that way I could work on the legs without ruining the rest. It makes it much easier to bake it in parts, but you have to be careful not to bake it too much or too little or it will be brittle, or the first parts might burn in the final bake.
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this sculpture is SO AMAZING i cant look away, if i could have a 1900 x 1200 picture it would be my background.

ps have you ever thought about making it a 3d model on the computer to maybe animate?
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Never tried 3d modeling, partly because I don't have anywhere near the right kind of software and processing power for it. Maybe some time in the future I'll try it out.

The biggest picture I have is quite a bit smaller than that, 1299x805, sorry! I wish I'd left at least one of them huge, but I resized them all to make them easier to work with.
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the detail around the lips and jaw is excellent.
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You made me want something so adorably fugly it cannot exist. :< Jerk.
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When I clicked on the preview, I wasn't expecting it to be quite literally a "Rhinoceros" Beetle. Then I am delightfully surprised with that cute little face and unique idea! I love rhinos so this made my day and your sculpting ability is amazing.
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When you have talent and a creative idea you get a lot of comments... very interesting fusion.
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