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Arcadian Firebear



This model of an arcadian firebear is frequently displayed at museums. Its venomous secretions were discovered to be indispensible for preserving native life. The venom is a strong narcotic, putting animals into a deep sleep that can last the journey to Earth if maintained under proper conditions. Once scientists figured out how to synthesize the active components in the lab, live sample return became a possibility for more than just single celled life and plicozoan embryos.

About spithogs

This group of furred animals is defined by a pair of sacs at the base of the mouth, but the scientific name sacculaphora didn’t catch on to the general public. They are known colloquially as “spithogs” due to the ability of some species to forcefully eject venom from their sacs. The venom is produced by symbiotic blue mold. In most species the venom acts as a tranquilizer, inducing a state of torpor in prey animals, allowing them to be stored for later consumption. While most are resistant to their own toxin, some terminator inhabitants use the drug to hibernate through periods of food scarcity.

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With a bit of blurr; many will thought this is an actual creature !

Amazing work :D