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Whoo 9000 pageviews !! Thank you so much for the support ! :blushes:

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Sleeping Sun by MaliciaRoseNoire Decomposition by MaliciaRoseNoire The Earth Day by MaliciaRoseNoire The White Lady by MaliciaRoseNoire

Photography :

Pere-Lachaise - Child by MaliciaRoseNoire Pere-Lachaise - R.I.P by MaliciaRoseNoire Pere-Lachaise by MaliciaRoseNoire Notre dame de Paris by MaliciaRoseNoire


I was tagged by :iconsombrefeline: !!

The rules:

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1) I'm DA addict. When I return at home, I connect on DA to see my messages !
2) I like Disney ! I know rote all the musics and all the attractions ^^ !
3) I don't believe me... I dunappreciate all the time.
4) I can't live without music!
5) I hate the cigarette...
6) I like my school but I hate my firm...
7) I live in Paris for my studies, it's nice but I prefer the countryside. There is less tourist and less of polution.
8) L like Cherry Coke !!

Now, I tag :

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"Beauty Of Darkness" Contest result !!!!!

Beauty of Darkness Stamp by Morteque

1st place:
Tears of stone by aphostol

2nd place:
The Eye of the Storm by Iardacil

3rd place:

congrats to all the winners ^^ !!!!


Features : Rogue (Malicia in French :) )

Rogue by TyRomsa Rogue by IvannaMatilla :thumb34898719: Rogue by Summerset ROGUE by pat-mcmichael :thumb10631009: :thumb74835527: Rogue by Comicsworld Rogue by Markovah Rogue? by Utopia-Perdida :thumb42934199: Rogue-chan by zimra-art Rogue - evo color by Candra Beauty of Rogue by UntouchableGreen Rogue by Vegeta1978 ROGUE CHIBI dreamy3k greatLP by DreamY3K


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They have permission to show my art ^^ !!

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sombrefeline's avatar
ah, moi aussi je suis accroc à DA. pareil, dès que je me lève, pendant que le thé infuse, je me connecte (ce que je suis en train de faire en ce moment même ;) )
MaliciaRoseNoire's avatar
C'est pire qu'une drogue :P ! Là par exemple, je suis au boulot et... Je ne peux pas m'empêcher de te ré;pondre ^^ !
sombrefeline's avatar
:lol: je faisais ça quand j'étais en stage. pareil, je pouvais pas m'en empêcher ;)
MaliciaRoseNoire's avatar
^^ On se comprends alors ! lol
Iardacil's avatar
thanks for the feature
MaliciaRoseNoire's avatar
aphostol's avatar
Thanks so much =D
pat-mcmichael's avatar
Thank You Celine!
MaliciaRoseNoire's avatar
Xx-Black-Soul-xX's avatar
thank you sweetie :aww:
MaliciaRoseNoire's avatar
kristymariethomas's avatar
Thanks for the feature. *sigh* I miss Paris.
audema's avatar
merci beaucoup!!!!
MaliciaRoseNoire's avatar
Y a pas de quoi ^^ !
MarcoFiorentini's avatar
Thanks for featuring
Eternaldraggon's avatar
wow thank you so much for the feature in your journal. It really means a lot to be up there with some great photographers. Thanks again!
MaliciaRoseNoire's avatar
MagicWorld's avatar
C'est gentil merci :)
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