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Le campement

I started this work in 2012, it took me 2 years to finish it ! New record :D !
I hope you like it ^^ !

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RockBadland 38 by coolzero2a
CampMedieval - 156 by Maliciarosnoir-stock and Medieval - 31 by Maliciarosnoir-stock…
Cloud and…… and…


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I really like this piece.  Very well done
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Thank you so much :hug: !!
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Awesome work! You've done a fantastic job with merging all those different images and making them look perfectly placed!
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Thank you very much for your comment and for the feature :blushes: !!
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You're very welcome!!
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Only 2 years? :rofl: Wait wait.......2 years because u was waiting the right stock?

About this work, i more interested about the global lightning because it's worked excellent with a beautiful tonal harmony!

Of course the atmosphere is amazing because remember LotR

I tell enviroment where there is a good share between light and shadows is an enviroment more interesting to be in this case!
So see u next between others 2 years? :lol: 
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Yes :blushes:...
And because I hadn't inspiration !

Anyways, thank you for your comment :) !

lol Maybe :P !
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Fabuleux, très beau travail avec une atmosphère saisissante!
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P#####, deux ans ! En même, c'est superbe :thumbsup:
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^^; eh oui ! Je n'arrêtais pas de la mettre de côté car je ne trouvais pas les stocks photos que je voulais, ou bien je n'avais plus d'inspiration. J'ai même failli supprimer le psd ! Mais là j'ai pris mon courage à deux mains et je l'ai enfin finie :) !

Merci en tout cas ^^ !
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Mon écran tout pourris de seconde zone n'arrive pas a voir quoi que se soit car c'est trop sombre (écran de pc portable). Mais mon second écran dernière génération lui est très heureux de dire c'est du beau boulot ^^.
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Thank you very much for your comment :) :glomp: !
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Oh, your very welcome, you deserved it! :surprisehug: 
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This looks like something out of a movie. You created a wonderful atmosphere. 
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:blushes: Thank you so much :heart: !!
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