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I'm bored and uninspired.

Rules! One commission per person. First come, first serve. I reserve the right to refuse. I don't do NSFW. Everything I post will be watermarked, but I will send an unwatermarked version to the person who commissioned it.


Character commissions (where I design a custom character for any fandom for you) = 50 :points:

    - Character Commission profile (e.g. Opt. 1 Willa DuWisp - Profile Opt. 2 Jasper - Reference Opt. 3 Min Crane ) = 100 :points:

    - Character Commission w/ outfits per season/occasion (e.g. Belle S1 Outfits ) = 100 :points:

Outfit Commissions (e.g. Fashion Design: Preppy Punk + Grim Tales: Devils Fear - Mally And Zwei's Outfits ) = 15-25 :points:, depending on complexity.

Single Comic Page (e.g. Grim Tales: Spicer Showdown + Grim Tales: Spicer Showdown ) = 100 :points:

Fake Screenshot (e.g. Vivian's Parents + StarCo Interrupted + Getting Fairest + Classroom Boredom + Bloom's Roommates ) = 75 :points:

Character Fusions = 50 :points:

Headshot (e.g. Messy Hair, Don't Care) = 20 :points:

Full-body (e.g. Ophelia Lestrange) = 40 :points:


1. RyuRyugami

2. Arma-works

3. SweetMourningStar

4. Kiri711

5. ShadowSpirit020
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Hey! I found this great game on  that gives you a great way to create an awesome looking EAH Oc!…  You have to have flash to play it. 

Anyway, here's the end result for Venom LeFae using this game!  Venom LeFae by MaliceInTheAbyss

Share yours! I'd love to see what you make on this game!
So, I have two issues concerning Chikage. Well, not exactly "issues" but I am in need of your opinions, my faithful watchers.

1st. Chikage's family. I have her with 5 older brothers, and 5 younger brothers. I like the idea of her being sorta motherly to her younger brothers. On the other hand, I also like the idea of her having a bunch of sisters. Mainly due to the inherit conflict that arises among sisters.I feel that would be an interesting dynamic. Sooo...


2nd. Ryoushi kekkei genkai. I've been watching a lot of magical shows lately, and while I like the bad ass aspect of the blood manipulation jutsu, but I also like water manipulation. So, the change I would make would be that the Kekkei Genkai would be for water manipulation and then the blood manipulation thing would be like a secret weapon thing, like the Mangekyu Sharingan is to the Uchiha's. Sooo

-Water manipulation + secret blood manipulation available to a select few?
-Just blood manipulation?
Hey all! Just wanted to let you know that Malice-Bases has a new contributor! AbyssMirror has moved all of her bases to Malice-Bases ! Now you have even more to use! Whoot!
I will be opening up 5 slots for custom OC/FC designs. They will cost 50 :points: and likely look something like this:
Ophelia Lestrange by MaliceInTheAbyss

Limit three per person, first come first serve. If you want more than one, you have to state so in your initial comment or else it will only count as one!

1. SweetMourningStar

2. ShadowSpirit020

3. Irrationalmirror

4. SweetMourningStar


I made a base account! Malice-Bases ! I will be moving all my bases to the new account. Don't worry, I'll provide a link to each of the new uploads when I do. If you watch me for my bases, go there instead. :)
So, I was bored and looked up my birthday (Nov. 12, for those of you who don't know). Found out that Anne Hathaway was born on Nov. 12, as well as actress-turned-Princess (talk about life goals!) Grace Kelly! Super psyched!

On the downside, I also found out that mass murderer and cult leader, Charles Manson, was also born on Nov. 12. Not, uh... not sure how to feel about that. I mean, I know that doesn't mean anything, but... still, you know? Weird.

I mean, how would you feel if, I dunno, you shared a birthday or had something in common with Jeffrey Dahmer, or Ed Gein, or Ted Bundy? Shocked, I think, is what I'm feeling. It'll probably fade soon, but lemme know how you think you'd feel if you found out something like this? And yes, I know I'm being a little silly, so no need to lemme know that.
I started following a TUMBLR account for an animation project called "God School". Unfortunately it wasn't exactly what I was hoping for. Not only was I hoping that it would turn out to be an actual show someday (like EAH or MH), it focused on the Olympians themselves, not their children. So, I went through many websites and recorded the names of lesser known gods and goddesses, the children fo the Olympians and the like, and think it would be way cool to draw them and think up stories for them as if they went to a high school for god-training! Meet the students of Olympus High!

Angelia – Daughter of Hermes and Dryope – Goddess of messages.… Ref: Angelia And Pan

Sweet, with a curiosity that could kill any cat, and a thirst for gossip so strong she often forgets to check her facts before reporting on it. Angelia runs the Grecian Gossip Gazette, the most popular news-scroll at Olympus High. She absolutely adores her little brother, Pan, and Gods help you if you make fun of his cute little goat feet within earshot of Angelia! Is she perhaps overcompensating?

Apollo – Son of Zeus and Hera – Twin of Artemis – God of the sun/prophecies. Ref: Artemis And Apollo

Several decades (some say centuries) ago, Apollo got himself and his twin sister Artemis expelled from Olympus High. After some serious trouble, the terrible twosome were sent back to finish high school, or else their father, Zeus, will never let them be full gods again. Apollo is smug, a major playboy, obnoxious, and absolutely full of himself. Sure, he gets good grades, and sure, he's on his school's Olympic team, but he's still not the Golden Boy he thinks he is. That being said, he does feel bad that he keeps getting his sister in trouble, even if she does provoke him sometimes.

Artemis – Daughter of Zeus and Hera - Twin of Apollo – Goddess of the hunt/moon. Ref: Artemis And Apollo

Several decades (some say centuries) ago, Apollo got himself and his twin sister Artemis expelled from Olympus High. After some serious trouble, the terrible twosome were sent back to finish high school, or else their father, Zeus, will never let them be full gods again. Artemis is athletic, hot tempered, haughty, and teensie bit narrow-minded. She loves animals, is a dedicated vegan, thinks boys are the pits, and, along with her brother, is the star of the school's Olympic team. She finds her brother to be the single most annoying deity to ever reign, although, she does show to have a soft spot for him, and often intervenes when she thinks he's about to get hurt.

Até – Younger Daughter of Eris – Goddess of mischief, delusion, ruin, and folly.

Pranks are her passion! Confuse, don't abuse is her motto. Sometimes she gets a bit carried away, but she is usually easily distracted and appeased. Emotion reigns in her brain, and therefore her state of mind effects the potency of her pranks.

Dysnomia – Older Daughter of Eris – Goddess of lawlessness.…

Sophistication and organized crime is what Dysnomia lives for. Childish pranks are a waste of time in her opinion, and only long lasting damage will do to satisfy this edgy perfectionist. Emotion has no place in the pursuit of true chaos. But I guess that's the difference between a freshman like Até and a senior, such as herself. 

Deimos – Son of Aphrodite and Ares - Twin of Phobos – God of terror.

When something goes terribly, horribly, wrong at Olympus high, you can bet that Deimos and Phobos have something to do with it. The calmer of the two, Deimos strikes terror into the hearts of the students. Deimos is more than happy to go along with his brother's schemes, and the only thing to come between them is their absolute obsession with Dysnomia.

Erichthonius – Adopted Son of Athena – Mortal – Destined to be king of Athens.…

As the mortal adopted child of the goddess of Wisdom, Erichthonius (or "Eric", as he prefers to be known) knows his future is a bright one, despite always being the odd one out no matter where he goes. He's too godlike to be like other mortals, and he's too mortal to be like the other gods. His mother, harsh but loving Athena, tries to assure him that despite his differences he's gonna be a great leader, but Eric's self confidence is always a roller coaster of ups-and-downs. 

Eros – Son of Aphrodite and Ares – Twin of Himeros – God of love.

Heart-throb of Olympus high, everyone who meets Eros falls head-over-heels in love with him. Maybe it's his looks, his relaxed demeanor,, or maybe, just maybe, it's his innate magical attraction that he's had since birth. Ironically, he doesn't know what real love feels like. Well, except for brotherly love.

Himeros – Son of Aphrodite and Ares – Twin of Eros – God of desire.

Unlucky in love, despite being just as handsome as his twin, Himeros falls in love way too easily with almost everyone he meets, but it's never reciprocated. He spends most of his time pining over lost love. Luckily he always has his brother, Eros, to comfort him in his constant state of heartbreak, even if Himeros is often very jelous.

Macaria – Older Daughter of Hades and Persephone – Goddess of the Blessed death

Have you ever been so stressed out and depressed that you stopped being able to emote alltogether? Well, that's what Macaria is like all day, everyday. She's your basic gloomy gus, nicknamed "Miss Misery" by basically everyone. Outside she's apathetic and miserable, but inside she's a swirling vortex of anxiety and stress. Try as they might, no one can cheer up poor Miss Misery.

Melinoe – Younger Daughter of Hades and Persephone – Goddess of nightmares and madness.

Mad as a hatter, in a cheerfully psychotic way, Melinoe is nothing like her gloomy sister. She has a warped sense of good and bad, taking compliments as insults, and insults as compliments. As her best friend (or worst fiend, depending on whose point of view your taking) Até likes to say, there's a method to Melinoe's madness, you just have look for it.

Pan – Son of Hermes and Dryope –Goat-footed god of shepherds/the wild.… Ref: Angelia And Pan

Hippie-dippy, and a bit of a space case, Pan feels more than a little out of place, as his Dryad of a mother's genes caused him to have goat feet! He's very self conscious about his appearance around his classmates, but out in nature, with his animal friends and his beloved plants, he feels right at home. He knows that he is loved by his older sister, Angelia, but he gets jelous sometimes, because she looks completely normal! But is she?

Peitho – Daughter of Aphrodite and Ares – Twin of Pothos - Goddess of persuasion.

Peithos knows what she wants and how to get it! Unafraid to use her femenine wiles that she, thankfully, inherited form her dear mother, manipulating those of both sex is easy peasy lemon squeezy! Well, except when it comes to Apollo. She can't anywhere with him! It pisses her off! She hates it when things don't work out for her! Spoiled rotten is a bit of an understatement.

Pothos – Son of Aphrodite and Ares – Twin of Peitho – God of longing.…

Pothos knows what he wants, and he can usually get it, but it's simply never enough. He only truly wants what he cannot have, and therefore has very few moments of actual happiness. Except for watching his sister have a meltdown because she can't get Apollo to notice her. That's always a laugh riot!

Phobos – Son of Aphrodite and Ares – Twin of Deimos – God of fear.

When something goes terribly, horribly, wrong at Olympus high, you can bet that Phobos and Deimos have something to do with it. The more wild of the two, Phobos comes up with plans that make the students quake with fear. His brother is more than happy to go along with Phobos' schemes, and the only thing to come between them is their absolute obsession with Dysnomia.

– Son of Poseidon and Amphitrite – Messenger god of the Sea.…

Airheaded, dunce, but a genuinely nice guy, Triton is sorta like a surfer dude who's gotten one too many concussions from undersea rocks. Since his mother is a water nymph he doesn't like to stay out of the water for too long, and can often be found dunking his head in the schools water fountain or eating lunch pool-side. His best friend is Angelia, mostly because he loves gossip as much as she does! Unfortunately he isn't any good at remembering it, but it doesn't matter, because Angelia loves to tell secrets to any who'll listen, even if it's the thousandth time she's told them.

I'm opening some request slots because it's been over a year since I did this last, and I thought I'd be generous. 

You know the rules. First come, first serve. One commission per person. No holding future spots. I reserve the right to do my personal work before completing requests. Aaaaaaaaaaaand GO!

1. TFAfangirl14

2. SallyNight22

3. MarioLuigiBellaBase

4. MykaylaZale

5. ChuckyAndy

6. bricake-s

7. Darkdarling98

8. redkitty120

9. LocalAlly

10. DrewMJS
Interesting fact of the day: According to literary copyright laws, an authors work becomes public domain 70 years after their death. So, you can write your own book set in the wildly popular lands of, oh, I dunno, Wonderland, Oz, and Neverland, with no legal backlash, whatsoever! You are going to have to either wait a few more years or pay copyright fees to the families of the author whose work you want to use if they haven't been dead for 70 years. So, no Narnia or Middle Earth for a while more, kiddies! And we'll all be dead by the time anyone gets to use Hogwarts as a setting for their book. You know, aside from the goddess herself, J.K. Rowling.
I was waiting until it was closer to the date before I really said anything to you guys, but I'm a needy little f***er, so imma tell y'all now for some attention.

I'm getting surgery on Teusday morning. Its not for anything life threatening or anything, so chill.  I just have a cyst (icky!) in my neck, along with some inflamed lymphnodes, so I'm having all that junk removed. I think it's actually the underlying cause of some of my other health issues, so once I'm all healed up from the surgery, I should be right as rain!

I'm not really scared of surgery, so the reason I'm kinda dreading it is because they set it for soooooo early in the morning. I'm a monster when I don't get enough sleep.
I watched the new MH movie the other day. I have... mixed feelings. SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!

First off, the animation style. They changed it again. At first I thought I'd hate it, but after a few minutes, I didn't even notice the difference. All in all, I'd say it was fine.

Secondly, the history of the franchise change. Before, MH had been around for generations and the characters were just the latest class in a long line. Now, Draculaura and Frankie created MH because monsters had been forced into hiding and separation by the humans. The beginning of the movie was very... Hotel Transylvania-esque, which initially put me off, but after the first 5 minutes it wasn't like HT anymore, so it was okay. I'm not totally up for just erasing everything MH used to be, but after the first hour, it became more like a regular MH movie, so... IDK?

Thirdly, character changes! Okay, mixed feelings on this one, big time. Love Dracula, so cute! Especially how he is with Clawdeens mom~! Love all the little werewolf babies running around everywhere. Big question, though: Where are Clawd and Howleen?! Draculaura/Clawd was like, my OTP! Where did he go?! *sob* and Howleen was adorkable. She spoke to the awkward teenage girl in all of us who were struggling to break out of their shells and accept who they are in a hostile environment like high school! Where is she? Speaking of missing characters, where the fuck did Ghoulia go? She wasn't in this at all! I think they axed her. I really do. I think they decided to spice up Frankie's character by giving her the scientific smarts that Ghoulia had and now they have no need for poor Ghoulia. *sigh* poor Ghoulia. And I totally missed seeing Abbie in this. I hope she's still a character. Abbie is my fav! Along with Draculaura. All in all, bad! Missing characters! WHERE IS MY OTP?!

Best part! Moanica. Gotta love a bad girl with goals of world domination! Love love love her! Seriously!

Worst part! That new phantom girl. Saw her being a monster coming a mile away. She's so.... bland! There's nothing to her! And I think her character means no more Spectra! I liked that eavesdropping blogger ghost!

Big Plus! The girls now have powers. Clawdeen actually turns into a wolf. Frankie zaps people. Cleo can throw her bandages and tie people up. Lagoona has mad water skills. Draculaura can turn into a bat and stuff. Abbie would have fit right in, with her ice powers. 

I recently watched a fantasy/horror film called "The Curse of Sleeping Beauty", and I loved it! I thought it was totally underrated on Netflix. And, yeah, I saw the ending coming a mile away, but if it hadn't ended that way, I would have been disappointed. The level of acting was... well, it was better than Twilight, but that's not saying much (sorry about that jibe, Twilight fans!). The special effects were befitting a B- horror film, but I like B- horror films, so I was alright with it. The costumes that Briar Rose wore were amazing~!!!!!!!!!! Her appearance on the movie's thumbnail is what attracted me to the movie in the first place.

All in all, a modern take on a classic fairy tale that keeps true to the horrific vision of the Brothers' Grimm fairy tales, even if the specific horror of this modern take doesn't line up with the original.

Aside from my characters, I have a few GT headcannons that I’ve been thinking on for a while.

1.       Jr.’s dad is Timmy Turner (Widely accepted amongst the fanbase)

2.       This will never be revealed to us in the comic (devastating)

3.       Jr.’s full name is Grimoire Cadaver Reaper, Junior.

4.       Minnie’s name isn’t actually “MiniMandy”, it’s just “Mandy”, but since she was named for her mother (and girls aren’t called Jr), she is known as MiniMandy.
5.       The reason Minnie has been acting like she has been in the last chapter is because she has been infected by Mimi’s essence of evil.
6.       Mandy is the daughter of Lucifer.
    -I headcannon that Mandy’s mother was married Mandy’s father because she thought he was successful and would be able to give her the life she always wanted, only to find out that he was almost as dumb as the rube that lived next door. There was no way he could ever give her thee life she felt she deserved. She was desperate, a desirable trait for the devil. Lucifer thought she was beautiful and encompassed a few of the seven deadly sins (vanity, greed, envy). So, he came to her and promised to make her husband successful if she bore him a child.
    -It would explain why Mandy is so evil, why she doesn’t look like her father, and why her hair points up like devil horns when she’s a child. And, a few other things.

I'm trying to determine what Wonderland is. Disregarding the fact that Alice was dreaming during her first visit there, I'll be looking at it in a physical manner, as opposed to a metaphysical one.

Is Wonderland a world? Is it a country? Is it a dimension that doesn't follow those types of categories? Is it both a country and a world? Is it a small world that is ruled by a single governing body? If it's just a country in another world, are there other countries? Is it a world that only has one country?

I'm trying to map out Wonderland, but I'm having trouble deciding what it is. What do you all think?
Okay, I promised you all I'd let you know about the contest winners today, so here we go.

Before I begin, remember, once the winners are decided, I don't want anyone to complain/gloat. You must be a gracious loser/winner.

3rd Place Winner
White Queen - Entry! by 2en1girlsgenaration
Her modern representation of the White Queen is astounding! Looks like something one would see in a fashion show!

2nd Place Winner
Ivory Queen by redkitty120
Talk about Fancy! You would probably see an outfit like this in a Disney movie! In fact, I'm pretty sure I've seen a movie with a dress shaped like this... I think it was Thumbalina.



1st Place Winner
Contest entry by SugarSkullFangirl
I Love this design! It's incredible!!! I'll be honest, though, I can't tell if this is a pic of the Red Queen or the Queen of Hearts, but it doesn't matter. She's amazing!

Note me about your prizes!

First Prize A drawing of your winning character, a feature in a journal, and a drawing of another of your characters/ a cannon character of your choice, and a hand sketched and colored pic of your choice by the wonderful Vionova

Second Prize A drawing of your winning character, and a feature in a journal, and a hand sketch pic of your choice by the wonderfulVionova

Third Prize A feature in a journal.

Yes! I finally decided on what to do for my first contest!

For this contest, I'm drawing inspiration form my most recent endeavors. For this contest, you will be creating your own version of one of the three wonderland queens: White Queen, Red Queen, or Queen of Hearts (no, the Red Queen and the Queen of Hearts are not the same person) Your queen can be traditional, modern, futuristic, steampunk, whatever you like. Judging will be based on concept, not execution. Which means design over artist skill, so, even if you don't think your artwork is up to par with the other contestants, you should still enter because skill isn't as important as design.

EDIT: I want to make it clear that you are redesigning the original queens, from Lewis Carroll's works, not my versions of the queens from my work.

~Must be your original work/design.
~Yes, you can use bases/pose references.
~Once the winners are decided, I don't want anyone to complain/gloat. You must be a gracious loser/winner.
~You can submit up to 3 entries.
~If you're going to enter more than one design, please do them on SEPARATE deviations to make judging easier.
~Just because we're friends, doesn't mean I'm gonna pick your piece over a better one.
~You MUST let me know if you plan to enter/need to drop out.

I can't give you points, as I have none, and the moment I get some I tend to use them to buy OCs I'll inevitably never end up using.

~ First Prize A drawing of your winning character, a feature in a journal, and a drawing of another of your characters/ a cannon character of your choice, and a hand sketched and colored pic of your choice by the wonderful Vionova
~ Second Prize A drawing of your winning character, and a feature in a journal, and a hand sketch pic of your choice by the wonderful Vionova
~ Third Prize A feature in a journal.

If you'd like to donate a prize, note me~!!

START DATE Entries can begin to be submitted tomorrow, January 16th, 2016.
END DATE Entries must be submitted by February 16th, 2016.
Holy-! Are you guys seeing this? All fo the sudden, out of the blue, these status updates are now coming into our message centers! Don't get me wrong, I was going to suggest to dA that they start doing that, but wow!
Okay, this one is mondo important! I've discussed this with Irrationalmirror , but since it's important to all those in my GT OC family, I need to tell you all this in a journal. Okay, so, firstly, you know how Zwei is just a nickname? Well, I've been thinking of changing her real name from "Noise" to something that goes along better with Mallison's name and fits GT better, like "Wrathia". What do you think? Secondly, I've been thinking about this one on and off since mid-2014, so here goes: Mally and Zwei are identical twins, and only have different eye colors because Zwei was given the soul of their father. If I do that, then that frees me up to do this: give Mally and Zwei a brother. A full brother, making them triplets. BBW's soul was supposed to go into the brother, but he was a very small, fragile, newborn, so the soul went into one of his sisters, who were more developed than him. A higher percentage of boys are born under weight and prematurely than girls, you know. 

Secondly! I have a shitton of adopted characters that I have yet to use and have no need for! I have an addiction, people. I need to unsubscribe to those adopt groups... Anyway, I'm giving them away. Message me asking which ones are up for free adoption. Most of them will be MLP.

Hello all!  I have good news for you! I am going to tell you all some super-secret information on my original story “Down the Rabbit Hole”!  Yes, yes, everything you may want to know about it, I will tell you!  Except the ending.  But that’s mostly because I haven’t settled on it yet.  I wanna leave it sorta open ended in case I ever want to write a sequel, but, at the same time, leave it closed enough where readers would be satisfied if that were the only one.

Why am I telling you all things about my story?  Well, in my head, I can see you all being so super interested in this!  I want to answer all of your unasked questions!  That being said, I’m not opening an ask thing, because the realist in me knows that most you will not only never read this, but also have no idea what I’m even talking about.  I love you guys!  ^^;

Okay, here we go!  In no particular order:

    ·         Though there are some characters who are children of Wonderland characters, this is not a story where it’s basically a retelling of the story but with the characters children.

    ·         I haven’t the foggiest who Dahlia’s father is.  But it’s not The Mad Hatter.

    ·         The Queen of Hearts has taken over Wonderland and has enslaved almost every denizen of Wonderland.

    ·         Dahlia does not have a love interest.

    ·         The Queen of hearts has two children; twins; a boy and a girl; named Jacqueline and Ace.

    ·         Jacqueline and Ace are names based off playing cards (the jack and the Ace), which is part of a theme for the Queen of Hearts.

    ·         The White Queens daughter, Lily the pawn, is a major character.

    ·         Lily is not an Oc.  She was first mentioned in Lewis Carroll’s “Through the Looking Glass”, complaining about not being able to play chess with her mother (the White Queen) and her father (the White King).

    ·         The theme for Lily and the denizens of the former White Kingdom, is chess.

    ·         Jacqueline and Ace have a very close relationship, almost too close, if you get what I mean.

    ·         Don’t worry, though, that’s not the case, as Jacqueline is actually a lesbian.

    ·         I didn’t make Jacqueline a lesbian to be PC.  I did it because I needed it for the story.  More on that later.

    ·         The Vorpal Blade plays an intricate role in the story.

    ·         The Vorpal Blade changes form depending on who’s holding it.

    ·         The flowers in Wonderland are not the friendly talking/singing ones in the animated movie.

    ·         The flowers in Wonderland are actually carnivorous (ask me for details).

    ·         Humpty Dumpty was a tale mentioned in the original Alice in Wonderland novel, but he will not be making an appearance in this book.  He broke, people, and not even the King’s horses and men could put him back together.

    ·         There are many types of crazy presented in the book, and the characters serve as examples of these different types.

    ·         I’d been considering making Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum conjoined twins, but… I decided against it.

    ·         I’m seriously considering making the Cheshire Cat an Anthropomorphic shapeshifter.

    ·         The only reason that I haven’t pulled the trigger on that yet is because I’m afraid that it’s too predictable.

    ·         Wonderland is a predominately Matriarchal society.

    ·         Wonderlandian fashion is Lolita style.

    ·         The sky of Wonderland reflects the current situation of it’s people (eg. Under the Queen of Hearts rule, the sky is always shades of red/orange; during the time of peace between the White Kingdom and the Heart Kingdom, the sky was always blue)