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My Ubuntu Desktop 2018 04


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My Ubuntu Desktop 2018 04


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A Game of Balance - Noreen

RPG Characters

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Dare - Der Erlkoenig fanart

Myths and Fairy Tales

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When All You Have Is a Canon

“You are and always have been in my domain.” said the person made of letters and snapped it's fingers shifting Loki's characterization back to mythological. The clank of the bracelet hitting the ground went unnoticed and neither did anybody care for the scepter he put down before the confrontation even began. “Nari and Váli say “Hello”.” the letter being, which currently read 'Ragnarök', added and Loki's screams filled the air as the legendary punishment followed the form. It looked mighty pleased with itself which alone was an achievement 'How can a bunch of letters even look smug?' and then dis

Fan and Inspired Art

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Lakotarsak 470 - Klikk

Forditasok - Lakotarsak : Roommates

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A Szomszedlanyok 149 - Dear Prudence

Forditasok - A Szomszedlanyok : GND

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Lavender Menace - SEAL v2

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Fairy Crown

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My Mageia Desktop 2014 11


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Dare - Fanart: Der Erlkoenig


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