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Me: Hrrn gotta stop being so lazee, jus sittin on the couch doin nothing. Yato (Lazy Waving) [V1] 
Me: *gets up, moves to different couch* Puppy Emoji-02 (Laziness) [V1] 
Me: wow that was exhausting. Time to be lazy in a different spot Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Double Peace) [V6] 
Hello All, I have a fanfiction to recommend!!

To any who read this, if you love Transformers and you ship Meg/OP, then I cannot recommend MlleMusketeer's fic The Brave Shall Heed The Call enough. It has everything; beautiful writing, wicked humour, a compelling romance, high stakes and represents the characters we love so well! You will laugh, you will cry, you will squee. Their other works are also fantastic and I sincerely hope you all enjoy them as much as I did. 

Here's the link: (p.s. I don't know how to format links properly yet)…

To all who read this, have a lovely day Love   
It always pisses me off when you have characters in an anime coughing up blood after getting stabbed in the gut. Like, the fuck you doin' that for? Did you puncture a lung?? Are you suddenly breathing through your liver??? I think the fuck not!!! God anime is so anatomically incorrect and that's not just because of the way the eyes are drawn. 
i gotta say, it's not an easy life when there's so many things that get under your skin or drive you to madness but people don't get it, and you end up having to go into a long winded explanation about why the thing bothers you, and people just accuse you of drawing attention to your disability. like, no dude, this thing is upsetting me and making me uncomfortable, and this is why. it's like suddenly being aware of why you're upset is a reason to invalidate you.  Angry Mabel 
Started watching Prime Wars last night (finally), and I gotta say I have not been left disappointed. The animation is a sight to behold, the characterisation is pretty on point, and there's nothing that delights me more than a salty Megatron. All in all pretty good, the only complaint I have is that Peter Cullen wasn't in the first season. 
So I am extremely guilty of procrastinating, which is why I am making this entry so that I can get my current plans for a big project on here so I'll feel obligated to actually do it. SOOoooo here goes. 

The gist of it is this; starting now I will begin writing a series of short stories with accompanying illustrations about an alternate timeline taking place in the TMNT 2012 universe, where the majority of the story revolves around a group of original characters whose identities I will not reveal until their individual fanfic debuts, which will include their back stories and how exactly they came to be a part of this universe. All art for this AU will be posted on here under the New Brothers AU folder, while fanfic for it can be found on my AO3 account. I will put the link in as soon as I can figure out how to link on this website. 

Because it is an alternate timeline, it won't follow the same story line as canon. After maybe half way through season 1 it is mostly original content with some canon elements thrown in for plot purposes. The first part of the series will be the main OC's introduction stories. These will eventually lead up to a bigger story that reveals a whole bunch of convoluted, mostly if not all made up stuff about the intricacies of timelines and multi-dimensional theory. But that is a good ways away. For now ya'll can look forward to some experimental AU building as I make my way towards altering the source material completely beyond recognition. Trust me, it's gonna be great :)


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