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This was part of an article in HorrorHound Magazine that I did involving the history of horror on television. This is part one of a two piece set
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Deerwolf-Jack's avatar
What show is the static and skull on the TV supposed to represent?
ThatPsychoWolfgirl's avatar
Oh, shit!!!!! HERMAN AND LILY MUNSTER!!!!!!!! Love those two Big Fool Emoji-1 (Thumbs Up) [V2] Big Fool Emoji-1 (Thumbs Up) [V2] Big Fool Emoji-1 (Thumbs Up) [V2] Big Fool Emoji-1 (Thumbs Up) [V2] 
nilescclover's avatar
the only real horror in that pic is what's on that tray of food!

I love it, great job!
japender61's avatar
Great homage! Love Kolchak, and the Addams Family on the cover of TV Guide is nice touch. Question, is the truck in Pennywise's hand the truck from "Duel"?
Rammsteinfan1994's avatar
Cool man love Sam & Dean above the Munsters
ThePaisleyLady's avatar
Oh man, please tell me the other one has SOMEBODY from American Horror Story (preferably Gimp Guy)? This is freaking awesome, btw. I adore the expressions and the premise.
sephizero's avatar
Guys, come on. I just want to eat my food and watch some TV. :/
TandP's avatar
think maybe you could give a list of who's in this including what there from
Raded-Skull's avatar
Half I grew up with, the other half I may have missed out on...
Fantastic, The Night Stalker was the best US TV show ever.
ferrignofan's avatar
LOL herman munster and the addams season somthing!
ToniTiger415's avatar
Total awesomeness :)
CrookedVultures's avatar
Dexter, Pennywise, Mr. Barlow! xD
cameragoesflash's avatar
great work! I love the look on barnabas face
GeotrixQueen's avatar
I'm surprised that there's no Zacherly.
Yeah, the article wasn't really about tv hosts but shows. I just needed another person to draw to fill a space (especially female due to the lack of) and I threw out Elvira to the editor and he said, "fine." So that's the only reason a horror host made it on the poster. Before Zacherly I probably would have went for Vampira actually.
GeotrixQueen's avatar
I saw Elvira in the last one, so I got stumped. XD

But any case, great job on it. :clap:
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Redjack2's avatar
Omigosh! I am SO impressed! Not only at your talent and art style, but at your knowledge of the horror genre! (I didn't know anyone else even remembered the voodoo doll from Trilogy of Terror). Heroes and beasties, oh my!
Working for HorrorHound and being a horror artist, it's pretty standard to be familiar with the Zuni from Trilogy of Terror. I've actually drawn him three times since being with the mag.
lagatowolfwood's avatar
Absolutely awesome!!
classic! some of my fave tv characters in this one, great stuff
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