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Part of my directors collection I am doing for fun in my downtime at work. I am trying to do these drawings in only two hours. So far I have done so. This one took about 2 hours. It's the great Sergio Leone and characters from his films.
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This rules. End of.
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Clint Eastwood was the best of his great list of actors
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I respectfully must disagree. The correct answer is Lee Van Cleef! :)
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Angel Eyes
Juan Miranda
John Mallory
David "Noodles" Aaronson
and the best director of all time: Sergio Leone

Perfect drawing, friend. Favorited this
S-K-Khan's avatar
The Dollars, seen them.
Once Upon A Time In The West, seen it

A Fistful Of Dynomite, must see it
Once Upon A TIme In America, must see it. Definatly!!

A greatfilmmaker and visionary of the last century
same here need to see both of them
also once upon a time in the west, duck you suckers and once upon a time in america are known as the once upon a time trilogy even though their is a long period of time between duck you suckers (aka A fistful of dynomite) and america
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Absolutely love Leone films, especially the spaghetti westerns
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<3 absolute love. It's scary to see Angel eyes and Frank this close together XD Lord knows if they teamed up, everyone one would be dead!

Again this is fantastic you did a great job on everyone.
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Duck, You Sucker!
Right in the middle
and Once Upon a Time in the West right behind them
Good choice
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This is really amazing, i like the shading alot
Amazing may be a little extreme but thank you very much for it.
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What a wonderful piece, thanks!
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LOVE this piece!
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Also liking the composition here
Especially the way Sergio Leone is placed
Pretty damn good sketch for 2 hrs if you ask me :)
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great Composition
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This is an awesome collection and another great tribute. Once Upon a Time in America is a great way to spend 4 hours...
Definitely. If you're going to watch a 4 hour long movie, that's the one.
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