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DIE HARD: McClane Rules

I did this drawing basically as a part of my collection of homages to my all-time favorite movies. Die Hard was fun to tackle.
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Bruce Willis is second only to Michael Biehn when it comes to portraying a realistic action hero. Granted, I mean OG John McClane before they started writing him as a superhero. He was more interesting when he was mostly an everyman who happened to have an exceptional skill set.
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Best Christmas movie of all time.
great illustration
Kaleatha's avatar
awesome :) great work :D
Skenberg's avatar
I love it so much. Everyones dream to witness a masterpiece like this.
Aikido456's avatar
It is the greatest movie of all time!

Really awesome work my friend. This is some serious love right here. Keep it up!
mercenaryPunk95's avatar
freakin epic picture. one of my most favorite action movies of all time
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one of the best christmas movies ever
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Total awesomeness!
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yipee ki-yay muffuga! nice.
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Would you mind me using your art on a video I'm doing for Die Hard? :)
"Yippy-ka-yee mother fucker."
McClane isn't so cool. Hans Gruber rocks :D
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Die Hard is one of the best movies ever. Awesome job!
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John McClane does rule! Nice art! :)
Rush-the-chosen-one's avatar
"i'm tired of this kungfu shit"

Best lines ever
"... maybe that mime" XP
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This is severely underrated, Well done!
SerenaVampire734's avatar
Awesome! I love that movie too...great job on everything!
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