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Today I have been going through some of my landscape images and thought I would upload a few that I am particularly happy with.  I hope others will enjoy them.  As always any comments are always welcome.
I uploaded a picture yesterday to my gallery of a model who was displaying an erection.  I apparently had violated the rules for posting.  My bad.  As I explained in the posting I do not ask my models to pose in an excited way however it does happen from time to time during a shoot and I generally don't stop shooting because it upsets the flow of the process.  I get that such a display is not for everyone which is why I made certain that it was marked restricted.  I have now replace the offending image with one that I hope is less threatening and/or disturbing.
I was told by a friend that he had spotted one of my images on deviantart and that some other photographer was taking credit for the image.  The only way I could look at the image was to join so I did just that and sure enough some despicable person had taken one of my images from my flickr site and posted as if it was their work.  I am dealing with that miscreant through the webMasters and hopefully that picture will be removed soon.  I have no intention of getting into a braying contest with the jackass thief who stole the image although it would please me no end if she was banned from this web site for ever:-)  

Now on to more pleasant thoughts.  Since I am a member of deviantart I thought I should start posting some of my work.  I have started by posting numerous images of my male figure study work.  This has been my passion for the last 20 years and I have had the privilege of working with some very talented and beautiful models.  Some of these men are professional and some are amateurs.  I hope that some of the visitors to my gallery will find them enjoyable.  I also shoot landscapes and wildlife and hope to post something along those lines in the near future.  Please feel free to leave comments good or bad regarding my work.  Over the years I have become pretty thick skinned and really do appreciate any constructive criticism.