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WE are a group that focuses on MALE Hybrids like Nekos, Nagas, Mermen,Centaurs, ETc.* We also take over Hybrids of other animals. There is also an yaoi folder!

*Check About us for all our types…

We're always looking for new members!
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Christmas with NekosI looked around the room as I emerged from a portal that I opened up. As the portal closes, I enter what looks like a living room and smile. I had just bought a bunch of new holiday clothes and modified them for my neko boys who I had come to pay a visit in my dream bubble home away from home. “I am baaaack!”, I say in a sing-song voice. “Guess what I got kitties?”, I then ask as I look around to see where they are as I only see Soichi sleeping on the main couch. I decide to wait on my search and go sneak up to the raven haired neko boy who is snoring loudly as he is in a deep sleep. I poke him as I try to wake him up. “Do you want to try some outfits, Soichi?”, I ask the sleeping cat boy. He snores some more and lets out an annoyed growl as he faintly hears my voice in his ear which flicks. I decide then to not bother him as he really never liked putting on cute outfits anyway.“Well, he is obviously not gonna make this fun, so let’s see what the other kitties are up to.”, I say this to myself as I decide to go to the playroom where all the cat toys and other feline amenities are that I had dreamed up were. I open the door with my Twilight magic as my hands are full and call out. “Hey, kitties! I got some cute Christmas outfits for you guys! Who wants to try them on?”, I say as I excitedly enter the room. I see Masashi cleaning himself at the other side of the room. Even though he is preoccupied, he does not fail to notice me and lets out a meow before going back to grooming his tail. Masashi was not as moody and grumpy as his brother Soichi, but I didn’t want to bother him since he seemed focused.I look down and am greeted by Kit-Kat and Snowball who both greet me. Snowball rubs his head against me, and I bend over to pet him on the head. Kit-Kat lets out a high pitched mew in protest and I go over to pet him as well. The black haired kitten purrs as his short little tail curls. It reminds me of a cashew. “Would you two like to try on Christmas outfits?”, I ask hopefully. The white haired cat boy purrs and smiles as he starts o play with the ribbon on one of the outfits I am holding. He was always one for fashion and I was convinced that before I met him he must have been a show cat in a previous life. “Ok. Snowball is in, so what about you Kit-Kat, baby? Would you like to join in the holiday fashion fun?”, I ask the kitten. Kit-Kat tilts his head as his ears move up and down confused. He lets out a confused mew but sniffs the clothes anyway. He notices a bell on one of the outfits and sees some long fuzzy socks which he likes. The kitten lets out a purr before jumping up excitedly on me. “Ok. I guess that is a yes!”, I giggle as I see his ears all perked up and his short tail in the air. I then look around to see if Moshi is in the room. “I wonder if Moshi wants to join?”, I say as I check around some of the furniture and find the green neko boy rolling around scratching his back. “Mosh?”, he says as he rolls over and notices me standing over. He then gets up and sticks his tongue out playfully before letting me play with his fluff on his neck. “You such a fluffy boy, Moshi!”, I say as I feel his soft green fur. “Would you care to join us? Snowball and Kit-Kat are gonna try on some holiday outfits I got. Wanna come with?”, I say as I scratch the spot on his back that was bugging him. Moshi however shrugs and goes to play with a ball of yarn instead. “Meeowsh!”, he exclaims as he attacks the yarn ball. I roll my eyes and leave the playroom with Kit-Kat and Snowball.“I guess it is just you two, but that is fine. I have some outfits I think you will love!”, I say this as I see the eager look in Snowball’s blue eyes. His little stump tail wags as the white Japanese bobtail boy meows impatiently. “Ok. You can go first my stumpy friend.”, I say as I use my magic to allow his outfit to transform into the one I am holding. Snowball purrs and chirps as he sees himself in a mirror that I make appear. “You seem to really like that”, I say as I smile. The outfit was a frilly ensemble. A white top and frilly skirt to match to be precise. It was lined with red satin bows and trim. He had matching bows on his ears that had little white pompoms on them as well. His favorite part however, were the little bracelets that he had on his front paws. They shimmered and he loved playing with them. He also had a red ribbon tied around his neck to finish the outfit off. He was always not one to shy away from cute, feminine outfits and made it clear how much of a femboy he really was. It suited the white haired neko and it made him all the more loveable. I then reached over and tugged at his stumpy bobtail and snickered as he turned and let out a soft but annoyed meow. “Sorry. You know I can’t resist your cute stubby tail, kitty.”, I reply.I go over to Kit-kat and do the same magic trick on him and let him try on his outfit. The young kitten smiles as he now has his favorite socks on. They are striped like a candy cane and he has a shimmering collar with jingle bells on and a festive Christmas sweater and red shorts. “You look adorable, kit-kit.”, I say to him as he purrs and lets out a happy mew. I smile at the two boys as they happily enjoy their outfits. “At least I know these two will gladly take new outfits as Christmas gifts.”, I say before giggling. The two have always been close friends and must have known each other at some point before Kit-Kat had been captured and I saved him from the evil salesman on that fateful day at the magical underground black market. When I found Snowball while out on a mission he seemed lost and sad, and it wasn’t until when I took him in that I found out that he was looking for his missing friend Kit-Kat who he wanted to be reunited with and that he lost.I sit down and watch the boys as they play and show off their outfits to each other. They meow and jump around smiling and having a great time. I go over and pet them and scratch behind both of their ears. You too are such good friends, and I am glad that you both have outfits that you could enjoy together for the holiday. “Merry Christmas, kittens. I am glad you like your outfits. I am not sure what to get the others, as I am not sure they would appreciate them as much as you guys, but I will surely find something for them.”, I sigh before going back to petting each of them. “But, at least you two appreciate good fashion. Moshi does too, but he is kinda being a bit of a fluff butt today.”, I say as I smirk. Kit-Kat shakes his head as the bells on his collar jingle and lets out a high pitch and happy meow. I smile as I see the two fashionable feline boys and reply, ”Man, Moshi doesn’t know what he is missing”. The two try on the rest of the outfits until they finally tire themselves out. I then sit back and drink some hot chocolate. “Such fashion babies. I am glad they like the gifts.”, I then yawn before dozing off on the couch. It was a rather eventful day, and I was glad to have spent it making my favorite kitties happy. Even if the rest of the boys didn’t participate, I still enjoyed watching the two smile. I smile as I enter slumber as the dream bubble and the room shift to reflect the warm mood making the main living room cozier and more quaint. What a great day indeed, I think to myself before yawning once more and letting sleep take me.
My Best Watercolor by Davalon4Ever



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Recently The layout of MaleHybrids has been improved with new things like....

-Submission to all folders
Meaning that you can now submit to any folder but it will be put up by vote.

-New folders
There are six new folders to make finding and submission easier. They are...

+Cloven Hooved Hybrids NON Centaur
Hybrid Species that usual centaurs, meaning if they either have antlers or horns and may or may not have hooves.

Mice, Rats, etc.


Monkeys, Apes, etc.

+Winged Hybrids
Bats and Birds, etc.

+Mythic Hybrids
Dragons, etc

Enjoy and comment if you have any questions or concerns!
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